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15 Awesome Tips That Would Guarantee You A Truly Inspiring & Fun Golf Holiday

Planning a once in a lifetime golf holiday can be a task you find it truly difficult to put up with because you are unsure of so many aspects when it comes to the 'where, what and how' of it all. But these tips will have you look no further. Read ON! 
Looking to embark on a once in a lifetime golf holiday but don’t know where to even start when it comes to booking it? Have no fear – We have got you covered!

Here at Glencor Golf, we have been organizing golf breaks for the lovely people of the UK for over 20 years now. All this experience means we are more than qualified to produce an informative step by step guide on ensuring your next golf holiday is the best it can be.

We’ve broken down the most important 15 steps on that guarantee your next golf break is the one you’ve been daydreaming about at work! We’ve compiled all of these steps into an easy to digest infographic that can be downloaded and/or printed out.

You will also find a “Stress Less List” at the bottom of the infographic, along with a handful of reminders to ensure nothing gets in the way of you hitting the fairways!Golf holiday

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