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Advantages of Travelling Solo. Have You Done A Solo Travel?

Travel itself is known to reduce stress, bring you joys, happiness and rekindle the fire you always need to make great progresses. Travelling solo can give you more benefits than you could possibly imagine. Read ON!
Solo Travel

Traveling is a place of calm, happiness and relaxing moments. It reduces stress in the body and mind, because mostly when you travel, you reconnect to a very human side of you. Who doesn’t get happy and excited at the chance of seeing a different part of the world and unravel its beauty? Travelling expands our horizons and mind, introducing us to different cultures, languages, and traditions. Even then traveling solo scares a lot of people. It also may seem odd, because traveling is done to experience adventures with friends and family. But that is not correct, traveling solo has a lot of advantages, and is a whole new adventure that you should experience at least once.

Here is a list of few advantages of traveling solo:

1. Complete Control

Traveling alone gives you full control over your plans. This may seem like a general thing to you, but having control over your destination and traveling time, allows for a far less stressful trip.

If you travel with a group, you might end up at the same destination every year. On a solo trip, once you are away from the hassle of deciding and complying with a bunch of other people, you can choose to go wherever you want. Travelling solo also allows for the adventure of traveling however you wish, by air or by land.

In a group, you will have to comply with a decided routine and a list of places to visit. If you’re traveling alone, you can visit any place you want; Do whatever you want. You could stay by your room’s window and read all day or could explore the city on foot. The point is that you won’t have to stop or change whatever you feel like doing.

2. Less expensive

Traveling solo is easier and cheaper. You can also control your budget how you want. It is easier to manage your budget when you’re going alone. You could save money or put away a substantial amount for some adventurous experience or sort that you’d like to experience.

Traveling in a group of friends or with family is, substantially more expensive. You might think that you’re saving money by sharing rooms, but then you might be using all that amount on restaurants that your friends want to eat at or other activities. When you travel solo, you can decide to crash at a friend’s place and eat from anywhere.

3. Know yourself

When you’re out on your own, in a foreign place, you only have yourself to turn to. Every decision will weigh heavy, and you will need to get over your fears. Traveling alone will boost your confidence in yourself. You’ll learn from your mistakes and such, and the ability to get through any instance will bolster your confidence.

On your own, you will only have to think of yourself and the importance of listening to yourself. You will come to know and rely on yourself. This experience will help you in your daily life while making decisions. Your decisions are significant and traveling alone can only boost your decision-making power. Travelling solo also tells you of your strengths and weaknesses and knowing yourself is a journey one should always make.

Solo Travel

4. Comfort zones

Foreign languages, unknown places, and challenges teach you how to rely on yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Travelling is all about stepping out of your comfort zones and becoming comfortable in all types of situations. Once you’re away from home, you’re immediately out of the comfort zone, and then traveling to foreign places will weather you.

Being out there will gain you valuable skills and lessons. All the new things you will learn will help boost your confidence. Your ability to overcome fears, challenges and obstacles will help you grow and become an independent individual. If you immerse yourself in the local scene, then your confidence will be tested more because you will have to communicate with the locals.

Traveling itself is a challenge, an adventure, that will help you learn a lot and make you realize that no obstacle is too high if you’re determined and sound minded. Also, traveling now can be easily planned online and if you are too lazy to book hotels, flights or even buy medicines online platforms like and Click Pharmacy are available to help you prepare for your travels.

5. Local interactions

One more advantage of traveling solo is that a solo traveler will have more interactions with locals. They will make friends easier. When you travel in a group, you will turn to your group, but if you’re traveling alone, you will be more open to interacting with other people you meet. Locals also do not tend to approach large groups or families, but if you’re alone, they will strike up a conversation and be more engaging.

6. Being selfish

Traveling alone also has the advantage of letting you be greedy. As a traveler in a group, you will have to sacrifice on a lot of things, like sleep and choices. If you travel alone, you won’t have to worry about upsetting other’s plans, and you can be selfish about it. If you want to lie in, you can do that, and you can rest without feeling guilty. You won’t be wasting someone else’s time. Besides traveling is about de-stressing and finding peace. It is hard to do that when you’re continually worrying about impacting other’s plans. If you want to stay in for the day or travel at a different time, you can do all that. You can also just stay in, and be selfish about self-care. You can make your own choices and do everything as you prefer.

7. Language skills

One great advantage of traveling is learning a language. It is easier to learn a language when you’re surrounded by people who use it and traveling provides you with an excellent opportunity to do so. You can easily pick up on words. As a solo traveler, you will find yourself interacting more with the locals, and it will become easier to learn a language or at least pick up a few essential words. Talking to native people of an area will teach you familiar phrases and give you a raw experience of their culture.

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