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Inspiration To Laugh Without Inhibitions And Erupt With JOY

Laughing is a therapy and the world knows that, but laughing without inhibitions is something we all miss out on. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that throws light on this subject from a very unique angle. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Erupt With JOY

Laugh without inhibitions

When we drop the secured walls, which we have developed because of our inhibitions, the laughter starts oozing out from every cell and fiber of the body. When the shield is dropped, the laughter starts bubbling out from our being.

Do not laugh out of sadness. Laugh out of joy just like a child. Allow the child hidden in you to come out. Then laughter in totality will happen.

A few interesting facts, which our participants had in “Reclaiming inner child” therapy were mind-blowing. Parents of kids came and told us that they were able to understand their children better and it helped them to connect with their children. They were able to appreciate playfulness. The relationship improved.

It so happened by chance; lollipops were offered as an alternative to chocolates. The whole group loved sucking the lollipop that we had to offer them throughout the entire session of 7 days. There was a senior lady in the group who also had a whale of a time, just like a kid. After 8 months, that lady came to my sister’s house one day and knocked on the door and shared 2 lollipops with my sister on her wedding anniversary and enjoyed the feeling so much.

One more guy who was a businessman was very stressed one day and he went out on his bike with his cousin. He said that he just stopped the bike and bought 2 lollipops’ and offered to his cousin who was shocked by his behavior. He said that it was a wonderful stress buster and helped him to relax and laugh with his cousin and they were able to tackle their issue more peacefully.

Please try the lollipop effect and enjoy every lick just like a kid. Do not lose out on the child within you. Allow it to resurface and see the magical effect on your inner being.

After I starting understanding the science behind laughter and its impact, I noticed that people do not laugh much. I was intrigued to find out.

Erupt With JOY

Why people do not laugh?

Smile is the first social activity that a child does even when it is in the mother’s belly. We laugh a lot when we are babies as there is no stress or tension or any kind of conditioning. The mother feels so happy seeing a baby smile. The smile is an indication that the baby is healthy, intelligent and normal. That is why the mother feels so happy from within seeing the babies smile. All the adults are attracted to babies and don’t mind playing the fool just to make a child smile and laugh. As the baby grows up, smiling and laughter also has to grow proportionally. However, the reverse happens.

Parents often tell the kids “Be serious, you are a grown-up now.” Teachers too insist that students should be serious. Even in offices, people are expected to work seriously. We grow up with the condition that we have to be serious. We think that when we are serious, we are sincere. So, everybody has become very serious. We constantly tend to suppress our laughter and we have become laughter blind. That is the reason people do not take laughter seriously in their lives. They become less playful. Playfulness is also repressed. Gradually, the child within you is like a dead child. This dead child within a person destroys the sense of humor, thereby you cannot laugh with your whole heart, you cannot play, you cannot enjoy the small things in life. Because of seriousness, life starts shrinking and not expanding.

A playful person can never be serious. Playfulness is against the ego. Play with children and see the ego disappear. One tends to become a child again. When life is full of playfulness, laughter and joy one becomes healthier, whole and integrated. Nourish the child within you. When the child within you is alive, it will change the flavor of your life. It will give you a sense of humor and a peal of beautiful laughter. Right now, live totally and intensely. Your intelligence will become sharper and you will become younger. Seriousness should not be confused for sincerity. Zen is the only religion, which has accepted humor as prayer.While this article is truly inspiring and insightful, the book Erupt With Joy has a lot more content that you cannot miss reading. The book is available both on & for you to grab a copy of your own.

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