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Herrman and Herrman Gives Away Thousands of Face Masks in San Antonio, TX

Herrman and Herrman understand how difficult the current situation is for every American. Every American wants to get back to normal. Here's what's really inspiring about they what are doing to make things happen. Read ON!
Coronavirus has brought the American economy to a grinding halt. Hundreds of Americans are dying of the virus every single day. Law firm Herrman and Herrman are doing their part to protect their community by handing out thousands of face masks for free.

With Americans struggling to protect themselves, this UI lawyer in San Antonio, TX, has taken the initiative and is helping to both educate and spread awareness of the virus. To further promote their message, they have handed out thousands of face masks across the city.

Masks Make All The DIfference

Herrman and Herrman

Science doesn’t lie. Experts say that wearing face masks in places where social distancing is impossible can reduce your likelihood of contracting the virus by 65%.

This is especially important because the vast majority of people afflicted by the virus are asymptomatic. That means they could be taking the virus into their communities and into the homes of the most vulnerable Texans without ever knowing that they have the virus. Facemasks are just one way of preventing that.

With not enough Americans wearing masks, and online stores running out of them, Herrman and Herrman have handed out thousands of face masks and plan on handing out thousands more as part of a face mask giveaway.

They’re also speaking to the community to tell them about why masks are so important in crowded places and showing them with science.

Herrman and Herrman are just one of the firms that’s determined to help the community.

Coronavirus Means More Lawsuits

The coronavirus pandemic has exceeded all expectations with regard to its length. With businesses scrambling to survive an uncertain future, the legal industry is cautioning employers about avoidable lawsuits.

A number of high-profile cases in the US have shown that employers who contract the virus at work are willing to sue.

Small businesses are being strongly urged to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing policies in their places of business. Failure to do so could lead to avoidable lawsuits. With no track record to look at, nobody is sure how costly these lawsuits could become.

Getting America Back on Its Feet

Herrman and Herrman understand how difficult the current situation is for every American. Every American wants to get back to normal.

This is why they’re urging San Antonio, and the rest of the nation, to come together to protect themselves and their communities. Their facemask giveaway is just a small part of that.

They have criticized a number of public figures for playing down the virus and the impact it’s having on communities across the nation. The firm is calling on public figures to do more to raise awareness of virus safety measures and ordinary people to do their part to flatten the curve.

The scientific community recognizes that it will take a considerable amount of time for America to recover. Some are even projecting that this pandemic will take more than a generation to fully recover from.But everyone can make a difference. If ordinary Americans act now, the experts say, the damage can be limited, and America can begin to get back on its feet again.

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