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Why Attending Feldenkrais Classes And Learning Different Functional Movement Patterns Are Best To Do Online

Feldenkrais Classes If you are in pain, may it be from an injury or something else, the best natural treatment is the Feldenkrais method. Meanwhile, if you are working and your responsibility includes repetitive tasks, considering learning the functional movement patterns is a good idea.

Sure, doing the same activity over and over, can possibly make you feel tired and fatigued, hence it is best to learn techniques that can minimize your chance of getting body pains despite doing the same activity that initiates the pain.

The good news is, you can actually attend classes and learn different techniques online. There are many institutions like Native State, that open websites so people can join classes virtually. If you have not tried it yet, considering it is highly recommended.

If you are still stuck with the old tradition, here are some things that can make you change your mind about online learning.

Benefits Of Taking Feldenkrais Classess Online

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can get when you acquire classes online:

  • Convenience
What is not more convenient than attending classes right at the comfort of your own home and waking up a few minutes before the class starts. When you plan to physically go to a facility to attend a class, you need to allot an hour or even more for preparation and traveling. All these inconveniences can be avoided if you enroll in an online class instead of physical classes.

Why would you give yourself a hard time if there is actually a chance for you to practice this method in the most convenient manner possible? Convenience can definitely help you be more motivated to attending Feldenkrais classes.

  • Confidence
You will definitely be more confident if you are working on different routines without anyone looking at you. There are some who feel too shy to give their best because they do not want people to judge them.

Joining classes virtually gives you the opportunity to do whatever you can without hindrances and limitations. You do not need to feel uncomfortable giving it your all, as no one can see you do the moves and positions other than yourself.

Sure, you want your instructor to see if you are doing it right, but needless to say, doing it in front of a computer is more comforting than doing it in front of a live crowd.

  • Confidentiality
Feldenkrais Classes There are some who are not comfortable announcing to the public that they are going through classes. Some are using this technique to treat their anxiety and stress, hence would like to keep things private to make sure that when they are ready to face the public, they are all well.

Not everyone wants publicity, as some want their activities to be kept in front of a huge crowd. If this is something you prefer, choosing classes online is your best choice.

  • Accessibility
And yes, if you choose online classes, you are giving yourself high accessibility. You can access it anywhere and anytime you want, just make sure you have a stable internet connection and an internet able device.

Things To Prepare Before Starting Online Feldenkrais Class

Here are some of the things to make sure are all ready before an online class:

  • A stable internet connection
To make sure that you won’t miss any instructions, ensure that your internet connection is stable. Preparing a backup internet is a good idea, to keep up even when a problem arises.

  • A complete and good sleep
You have to stay focused and make sure that you completely understand what is happening. Lack of sleep may lead to disorientation and loss of focus; hence it is best if you make sure that you get enough amount of sleep before the day of your class.

Also, a bit of strength may be required to do some of the forms and patterns, and without enough sleep, you may not be able to do it properly. And besides, lack of sleep can cause you more stress and even health problems.

  • Comfortable clothing
Make sure that you are in your most comfortable clothing when attending classes. Sure, you want to move as freely as a bird and not allow yourself to be limited with your movements because you are wearing too-tight clothing. It does not need to be extravagant but should be comfortable enough to make you move comfortably.
  • Bottle of water
The patterns to follow may be easy but since classes may take long, having a bottle of water available by your side is a good idea to make sure that your thirst will be quenched, and when you want water, you do not have to miss a minute in the class to get yourself a glass of water.

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