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6 Czech Republic Universities You Should Consider Applying for

Czech Republic Universities International students often overlook the Czech Republic. It is growing to become among the favorite education destinations in Europe. Today, many students are discovering this hidden gem of academia.

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country. It is home to one of Europe’s famous universities known as Charles University. It is also rich in culture and captivating history with warm people.

Moreover, the degree programs in most universities are quite affordable. The students can also enjoy a good life within a budget. Thus, making Czech an educational haven for many local and international students.

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Consider studying in the Czech Republic for affordability and vibrant college life. Read our extensive guide on the best universities you need to consider applying for:

Charles University

Charles University is among the top-rated and largest institutions in the Czech Republic. It is situated in Prague. Emperor Charles IV launched it in 1348 and it is currently home to over 49,200 students. The university offers a wide array of undergraduate and master’s course programs. That is why this university is a favorite choice for students who want to pursue various courses.

Moreover, Charles University prides itself in having remarkable researchers. The expert professors develop winning projects. It is a prestigious institution with world-class recognition.

Charles University is in the middle of rich history and vibrant culture. You will get a quality education and experience an appealing heritage.

Also, you will enjoy attractive tourist sites when you are not attending classes. Tour the beautiful city of Prague and have a rewarding experience. Not forgetting the lucrative job opportunities after you clear campus. Thus, make Charles University your number one choice if you want to study abroad.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University is the second choice for many international students. It was launched in 1919 with an extraordinary higher education experience. It is among the largest institutions in Brno City, Czech Republic. Masaryk is among the best universities in Europe. It partners with other prestigious institutions to advance research in various fields. With top rankings in the global arena, it currently has nine faculties with more than 36,000 students.

Moreover, it has English and German programs best suited for international students. There are also a wide array of programs taught in the English language. These include social sciences, medicine, law, arts, and economics, to name a few. Besides, the campus has state-of-the-art technology.

Masaryk is the University of Choice for students looking for an all-around experience. The campus has a pleasant learning environment where you can also work.

Brno University of Technology

As the name suggests, Brno University is situated in Brno City. It was established in 1899. The institution is top-rated in Europe, with eight faculties and over 22,000 students. Brno University is a perfect choice for engineering and technical courses.

Moreover, international students can also enjoy programs taught in English. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or Ph.D. degree, the university has you covered.

What’s more interesting is that the campus is located in the epicenter of global tech giants. For instance, Vodafone, IBM, and Zebra Technologies. Thus, graduate students are more likely to land internships and lucrative jobs.

Start exploring Europe from a technical perspective. You can work your way through top-notch university facilities and collaborative projects.

Czech Republic Universities Czech Technical University

One of the oldest universities in Prague is the Czech Technical University (CTU). Established in 1707, it has over 300 years of experience providing quality education. It is a public institution with global recognition in delivering winning research projects. Currently, CTU has eight faculties and more than 18,000 students.

The campus has a long-standing relationship with reputable industrial partners. Thus, it is easy for students to get rewarding jobs after graduation.

Besides, many diligent students often begin their entrepreneurial journey after leaving Czech University.

International students can pursue technical programs, for instance, engineering, architecture, and Information technology. You will get top-notch training from certified professors and state-of-the-art equipment.

Anglo-American University

Anglo-American is a highly-ranked private university in Prague established in 1990. It offers top-quality education to both local and international students. It is a go-to institution for most international students as English is the instruction language here. Tutors teach most course programs in English, making it a unique university.

Besides, it provides a wide array of graduate and undergraduate course programs. There is something for every student looking for a foreign experience in Prague.

Anglo-American students usually take part in career expos. This widens opportunities to land rewarding jobs after graduation. Moreover, students enjoy a diverse learning experience. The campus offers housing, a library, and medical services from the learning facility.

You will get a wholesome education and rich heritage at Anglo-American. The campus is at the heart of Thurn-Taxis palace with unique cultural diversity. Also, the university is home to learners from over 70 nations globally.

Prague University of Economics and Business

Another prominent public university in the Czech Republic is the University of Economics. It is situated in Prague. Launched in 1953, it is among the highly ranked academic institutions. It provides quality course programs to international students. Currently, it has six faculties with a wide array of programs from undergraduate to Ph.D.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the library services within the campus. It has comprehensive books and journals that help students during their research. Try Prague University for the best university offering business-related courses. You will get an all-around experience as an international student. It is a university that encourages students to become entrepreneurs.
There are many other prestigious universities in the Czech Republic. Most of the institutions boast of having a rich culture and quality education. Thus, try applying to Czech universities. You will enjoy affordable tuition and fun living. Check out the above universities and make your choice.

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