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Bar Hacks: 6 Tips Every Restaurateur Should Know

Tips Every Restaurateur Should Know Whether you’re managing a restaurant or keeping tabs on the bar, keeping your customers happy is the goal of every restaurant. When you’ve got good food, a good ambiance, and proper branding, you create memories for your customers that they won’t forget.

Here are 6 tips for every bar and restaurant that will help grow your business:

1. Buy Bulk Bottles of Water

Preparing tap water takes extra time and effort that you may not have during busy shifts. Buy water in bulk for faster service that is convenient for both you and your customers. Bulk buying also gives you the best price for your products and keeps you well-stocked with bottled water.

Nowadays, people tend to steer clear of communal facilities and stations when eating out. Water glasses used by different customers are not an ideal setup for restaurants and bars trying to survive the pandemic, and single-serve water bottles provide a sanitary alternative to communal water stations and pitchers.

Not into single-use plastics? Look for great alternatives like aluminum bottles that are not only convenient, they are recyclable and sustainable as well. Aluminium bottles use up less water and energy during the production process than plastic bottles do, and the former is also completely recyclable, eco-friendly, and won’t leach harmful chemicals into your drink.

2. Customize/Personalize Your Drinks

Nothing draws in a crowd like your own specialty drink at the bar, one that’s served only at your establishment. Take your drinks a step further by customizing your menu to reflect the theme of your restaurant. Include custom coasters with your bar logo, and have your water bottles printed with the same design for consistency.

An age-old tradition is to name drinks after your loyal customers, which reflect on their usual orders and personality. Alternatively, you can add a twist on classic cocktails and drinks to maximize the flavours of your ingredients.

Tips Every Restaurateur Should Know 3. Engage with Customers

Bars and restaurants are typically social places, as people tend to go out during special events and occasions. Make sure you engage with your customers as part of managing your establishment. Engaging with your customers not only makes your place seem more inviting, it also creates a positive vibe around your place.

Bartenders would be used to engaging in small talk with your customers during drink preparation, while servers politely and cheerfully greet customers. On the other hand, some customers who wish not to be bothered should be given their personal space, so gauge on the situation beforehand.

4. Keep Your Station Clean

Besides managing the ambiance of your bar or restaurant, you will need to keep your area clean. After all, food and drink require delicate preparation and customers won’t be happy with anything less than clean when it comes to their food.

Keep all areas tidy, including the kitchen, the front of the house, the dining area, the bar, and the bar counter. Make sure to clean all areas daily and stock up on needed supplies and ingredients before every shift. Maintain a checklist so you won’t miss a single step.

5. Source Ingredients from Reputable Suppliers

Cheaper ingredients don’t always give you the best bang for your buck. While you may be able to save some money from buying cheap, but inferior supplies in the short term, you will not be able to keep up with your competitors in terms of the quality of ingredients in the long run.

Go for reputable suppliers that will give you the best ingredients at a modest price. Scout for suppliers that have a good reputation within the industry, and are used to supplying different establishments to ensure you’re getting quality products. Tailor your standards on a per-product basis so you can know what makes a good supplier.

Your water supplier, for instance, should be able to meet the demands of your bar or restaurant, as they will need to supply you with enough water for you to operate your business. They should be certified to provide potable water, and they should be able to meet your requirements especially if you plan to customize your water bottles. 6. Keep the Fun Flowing
Finally, keep the fun flowing! When customers have an overall positive experience in your establishment, they are more likely to return and bring friends and family along as well. The service industry is a challenging industry to be in, but with a bit of practice and experience, you’ll be able to maintain positive relationships and good energy in your establishment.

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