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Deep Intent initiates A marvelous Journey! Get your Intent Right

With deep Intent the Leadership journey begins. An Intent shapes up various thoughts at the subconscious level and projects them to the outermost surface to be brought into Action. If no action is taken then intent just remains a dream and you get entangled into the community of dreamers. Intent becomes the starting point of a long journey that can leave behind a legacy.
Intent is important Every human being has the potential of creating a legacy with the story of his/her life. The business element is a subset of this life which has been lined with trials and tribulations. Only when one is seasoned by the seasons and tempered with the challenges that life makes you face, can you blossom like a flower and leave behind a whiff of fragrance that will motivate and inspire people in their own life.

The Power of intent brings about a strong purpose governed by a strong will towards a specific objective or a goal. Here is the instant shedding of the ego and one gets into full focus. Dormant forces come alive and you cultivate a burning desire to get things done. A field of energy of a new kind engulfs you and you are guided by your infinite self with a channelized approach.

It is observed that Natural Knowledge is unique. It is spontaneous and does not depend upon technology, gadgets, status, or formal education. It is the internal fire that is slowly burning at the thought level in the innermost depths of the mind and shows its expression through speech and action. That is the time true intent surfaces from the innermost layers and gets projected to the outside world.
The churning begins and here it is to be noted that the world lives in the delusion of the 5 sensory perceptions making us feel that we experiencing true knowledge. We need to distinguish this play of the senses and the real has to be captured through our inner vision, reflection, and being in the shoes of the true seeker. In the pursuit of understanding the real from the unreal in this material ignorance, one whiles away time and precious life.

You invariably land up on the threshold of choice and if the choice is wrongly taken one’s life becomes that of frustration and regret. People tend to move towards easy choices where there is no struggle at the thought level thus falling into a pit of their own misery. Thus, to get the right intent the mind should be conditioned, created, and molded in the art of righteous thinking seeking the betterment of the planet and people. As a new era takes birth, we will be prone to new business models which will give shape to a dynamic generation. Here intent will play a crucial role in the mind of the business leader as the end result of his/her journey will be hazy, uncertain, and turbulent. It is in these circumstances that right intent will give solace and encouragement to take the journey forward.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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