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Marishane Closes 2022 on a Bang

On 29 December 2022, whilst the country was obsessing about the leadership struggle in South Africa, residents of Marishane grouped themselves to form a community-based initiative: Marishane Hiking, Picnic, and Camping Club to give technical meaningful expression to the instruments instituted by public institutions: The National Development Plan 2030 Vision by The Presidency of South Africa, the African Agenda 2063 by the African Union and the 2030 Vision by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In so doing, the organizing committee intended to demonstrate to the public, that indeed, these goals are practical and are reachable.

Marishane City South Africa Mindful of the national triple challenges like poverty, inequality, and unemployment in South Africa, the initiative specifically attempted to counter these challenges, and indeed, the goals were attained. Approximately 300 young and old people from local (Ga-Marishane communities) and far (Cape Town) participated in the initiative from the starting point at the Marishane Community Office to the endpoint at Soetveld Dam. Participants received free branded clothing to ensure nobody feels out. Both informal and formal local business people were catered to, and given space to showcase their products and services. Participants were given the chance to technically contribute to environmental sustainability through planting trees and keeping the environment clean. Participants were also given free food, ensuring that nobody returns home on a hungry stomach and everyone felt safe & secured due to police visibility throughout the program as participants freely danced the night away till the next day.

We anchored our campaign on the NDP2030 because it’s our responsibility as members of society to do so. The NDP2030, the UNSDG 2030, and the AUAA2063 are public policy instruments meant for public purposes. It’s therefore upon ourselves to make use of them by continuously putting them on public platforms for people to familiarise themselves with for sustainability with the intention of practically living them daily.

Our attempts therefore, are a means of creating an apolitical none-sexist platform for governments, the private sector, and civil society entities to find expression in with respect to ploughing back to grassroots mechanisms for people living in rural areas such as Ga-Marishane to make meaningful sense of these policy instruments through living them. After all, we need healthy people for a healthy ecosystem in our homes, in the community we live in, in the country, and globally, therefore, this is the first step in attempting to address these issues without prejudice.

Although much emphasis has been placed on implementing these policy prescripts by executive offices both in the country, the region, and globally, our stance is that, people should learn to take a stand and lead themselves, because as much as we’re implementing these campaigns to conscientize the masses about the importance of policy, the onus lies with each of us in our individuality to practice the gospel we preach without doubting our integrity.

In reciprocating the energy, the Organising Committee known as the #Crew, wishes to acknowledge, recognize and celebrate the following people, companies, and government departments in a duly thankful manner. Special thanks to the following: The Deputy Head of Infrastructure at the Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality Hon. Cllr. Merah Mahlase (Hunadi) & Ward Committee Member Mr. Monama Mahlatse, The South African Police Service at NEBO Station- W/O Kgwete and Sergeant Leshilo, The Dolamo Farms, The Marishane Community Policing Forum led by Chairperson Mr. James Mahlase, Lemapo VW Crew led by President Masemola, Isisekelo Engineering Services led by Mrs. Myeni, Barnico Trading, Makgofane Trading & Projects, Kgoane Travelling & Tours, Mash, Masenye Paxton Masemola, Mandla Bapela, Mrs. Magashula, Daphney Bapela, Legasa Mashoro, Lebo Masemola, Chipa Maphutha, Moshaedi Mopedi Moshomong Trading (Pty) Ltd and Ngwato Maphutha including EMS professionals (Sultan Diale & Co) who volunteered their essential services to add value to this initiative.

Indeed, the initiative would not be a success without all of you and we’re immensely thankful for your contribution, hence we continue to appeal to all of you as individuals, governments, businesses, and civil society organizations with similar objectives to join hands with us again as we advance and enhance the quality of public benefit programming in Ga-Marishane.

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