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How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Hiring These 5 Personality Types

Hiring right can take your organisation and the vision to sky rocketing heights. Here are some tips for you to learn from and hire the personality types that match your enterprising spirit. Read ON!
A business is only as successful as the people that it hires, which is why it is so important to find the right person for the job. Of course, some personalities are more suited to succeeding in business than others, and business solutions providers, Sage, have identified them.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has become a popular method of quickly determining a candidate’s personality type at interview, and is a good indicator of how well the prospective employee might get on with their colleagues and what they might bring to the business.
The test determines a person’s preferences by placing them at one end or the other of four categories, resulting in one of a possible sixteen combinations of factors, each representing a distinct personality type.

Here are the ones most likely to drive your business forward the way it needs to be and at the speeds it deserves to be.

The Mastermind

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Hiring These 5 Masterminds are highly introverted, logical thinkers that often prefer working alone. They seek to make a job as simple and as straightforward as possible, so can be extremely reliable for streamlining tasks and finding inefficiencies in business operations.

The Inspector

If your business deals with fine-print contracts or has to worry about fine levels of detail to satisfy a contract, you need an inspector. Similarly, introverted and straight-to-the-point in their work style, inspectors insist on following the rules and will pull apart plans and documents to find the small errors someone else might miss.

The Inventor

Inventors are evidently extraverted and keen to offer the opposing view to everyone else. While they may often frustrate more goal-orientated personality types, inventors are highly intuitive and intelligent, frequently finding solutions to problems without even being asked. Just make sure they stay focused on other tasks, too!

The Supervisor

Speaking of keeping certain types of employees organized, no other personality can achieve this quite like a supervisor. Supervisors aren’t afraid to tell employees of any position what needs to be done. They might sometimes come across as heartless, but they are often right and can quickly bring a disorganized business under control.


The CEO-types are those that think about the big picture. They are the ship steerers that clearly envision the end goal for a project and what that will achieve for the business. Pairing them with an inspector is simultaneously logical and risky as their opposing views will cause frustration, but will ensure projects move at a fast and focused pace without foregoing essential detail.

The one common factor all these personality types share is that they are classified as “Thinkers” over “Feelers.” Thinkers are more likely to base decisions on evidence rather than their gut, will keep the end goal in mind, and are more capable of making the unpopular but necessary choices. For this reason, it is important to balance the personalities in your business.
While the aforementioned types will help drive your enterprise forward and make it competitive, the strong personalities often clash with those around them. Be sure to hire emphatic and people-based employees to build a friendly and desirable place to work, so your teams are cohesive and productive.
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