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Best Spring Destinations In Europe

What are the destinations you are looking at travelling this year in spring when you are travelling around Europe? If you are planning Europe then there's not further you need to go, here's a quick list of few places to keep on your list this spring. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Best Spring Destinations In Europe The frost and chill of the winter is over, and the sun begins creeping out behind the clouds. Ultimately, spring feels like a miniature New Year – where everything springs back to life and you can give your mind a refresh and begin having a positive outlook on things.
To get the best out of spring though, why not visit some tranquil destinations within Europe? There are many places dotted around Europe that are a breath of fresh air during the spring months, allowing you to properly appreciate the time of year.
So, start packing your bags, renew e111 card and head off to some of these gorgeous European destinations this spring!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One of the best things about the arrival of spring is seeing beautiful flowers beginning to bloom, and Amsterdam is home to so many gorgeous tulips, brightening up the city in all directions. Amsterdam has a stunning landscape at any time of year, but jetting off here during spring will allow you to properly absorb the rippling canal flowing through the city, as well as hiring a bike to take in the countryside properly. When visiting Amsterdam mid-March until mid-May, you can take a day trip to the garden full of blankets of flowers, reminding you about the beauty of spring.

Paris, France

The city of love – what better way to spend the spring seasons than the bloom of love in a city renowned for its romantic reputation? This French city has charm at the best of times, but it really blossoms during the spring. You can wander through the many green parks in Paris, such as Tuileries, and admire the greenery and flowers that are all coming back to life. You can even sit at one of their famous, high-quality cafes and enjoy the atmosphere whilst people-watching from the window. However you decide to spend your spring in Paris, whether alone or with your loved one, you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed after your trip.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen really is just a breath of fresh air, but not just because of its rise during the spring months – the Danish city is actually heavily eco-friendly! Therefore, when spending your time here during the spring, you can truly admire how organic this European destination is and how natural the surroundings are in order to prevent pollution from damaging our beautiful landscapes. Plus, one of the main things you’ll notice when arriving at Copenhagen is how almost everyone is on a bike, so why not join in and properly take in the stunning views and architecture, as well as the greenery? Especially on those sunnier days when the April showers are at bay, we would recommend taking a stroll through Kongens Have in Frederiksberg, as it is honestly the epitome of springtime.

Vienna, Austria

To many people, Austria is just a freezing city known for its heavy downfalls of snow – however this completely changes throughout the winter months. Instead, you can see the snow wash away and the flowers begin to pop their buds out above the ground’s surface. When visiting here in the spring, you can be witness to many music festivals all held between March and May, allowing you to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Alongside this, you can simply take in the breath-taking surrounding as they all begin to bloom under the sun’s rays, looking prettier than ever.

Sure, summer is a great time to visit some European destinations for sun, but visiting in spring will give you exclusive access to some of the most enchanting sights known to man. Springtime really is a period where you can appreciate the beauty of life, so it’s important that you celebrate and absorb the season as best as possible.
What places are you travelling this spring in Europe? Share your plans here in comments below and let's get talking Europe travel.

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