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Broken Locks A Book By Joe Mc Clain Jr

An Interview Mr Joe Mc Clain Jr who is the author of Broken Locks book with the Authors' Paradize. This is an "as it is" story to ensure you are reading directly from the author without an intermediate altered perspective from any of our editorial members to ensure you are listening straight from the Author. #AuthorsParadize
Authors Paradize

1. What inspired you to write this book?
The Water Crisis in Flint and the destruction of a lead filled housing project in my hometown of East Chicago, Indiana.

2. What we the earliest incidents in your life when you learnt you had a writer in you?
When I was seven, I used to write short stories at my local boys and girls club. I didn't know it would take me where I am today.

3. Who are the most apt readers for this book? What kind of seeker would be delighted to read this piece?
Inner city people who feel as if they don't have a voice and those who feel as if they have been abandoned. Also, those who genuinely want to help out people who have been affected by traumatizing circumstances.

4. Who's your inspiration when it comes to becoming an author?
My deceased grandmother Mary Washington. Everything that I do, I do for her. Without her, i wouldn't have made it out of East Chicago.

5. What changed after you turned an author?
My passion for writing. having that first book in my hand(The Writers Block) sparked something in me to keep going with this. Now, I am eight, almost nine books in.

6. How many hours did you have to dedicate to bring this book alive? What schedules you had while doing this? What's your hack here for other writers?
I spent seven months writing this book. Some days, i wrote for hours. other days, i wrote for five minutes, because that's all I had in me. However, I kept going and never stopped. It was a daily process. What I will tell other writers is that it is okay to take a break, but write everyday. You don't wanna start a book, take a 2 week break and then have to come back and figure out where your story left off. That is the worst thing and it waste valuable time.

7. Who are the people you would love to thank & mention about in this journey of having become an author?
My good friend and business partner Caujuan Mayo, CEO of Uprock Publications for taking a chance on me. My Good friend Dj Redlite, who introduced me to Caujuan. Lastly, and this is a long list.

Every athlete and entertainer who has the distinct honor of having my books and supporting me. they include, Reggie Bush, Nick Cannon, Marcedes Lewis, Darius Philon, Gabby Douglas, Duane Martin, Cyhi the Prince, Troy Ave, GZA from Wu Tang Clan, Bruce Miller, Marshall Faulk, Marcus Allen, Jerry Rice, Draymond Green, Martavius Bryant, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Thomas Jones, Shawne Merriman, Lance Moore and Marion "Pooch" Hall.8. Lastly, What's your piece of advise for other aspiring authors?
Do not ever think you are great. Even when you become well known, write with the passion as if you are still looking for your big break
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