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IU-EYE: A scenario of a job that we are unhappy & dissatisfied about

Looking at things from a different perspective can always eliminate the cons and help you build on the pros, while you tackle the difficulties on the path. Quite a few people around today aren't happy and satisfied with their jobs, here's a perspective for you, that could alleviate the pain for a while, until you find your calling. Read ON!
BRIEF: Most of our lives revolve around work & not always is it going to be right. It's quite bad when we're working in a place which we can't appreciate, a job we don't like, colleagues we can't relate to, a boss who is a total turn off, work that stagnates us, pay that isn't enough etc. The emotions on a day to day basis at work, the feeling to change the job, the feelings during transition, the insecurities etc are what make this a HARSH SCENARIO to deal.

unhappy job goers

iU-EYE looked at the above scenario, and below is what it saw!

The results of 'Job satisfaction 2016' survey by showed that 80% of the people are looking for a "change" in job, while 60% of the people are not satisfied with their current job. This is a staggeringly huge number, and it brings into question whether the grass appears to be greener on the other side even today.
While a number of the employees of various organisations may have genuine reasons for looking for a shift- reasons including but not limited to a permanent or temporary shift in the location of residence, health factors, career path change, and a feeling of stagnation at the current workplace etc; a vast majority of the employees leave their bosses, not their companies. iU-EYE looks at the various angles to it right over:

If it's a job you don't like -

* Ask yourself what holds you back & what drives you?
* If not this, what are the other things you would be happy doing?
* Would you be able to fetch an equal or better pay elsewhere?
* Are your financial commitments high & savings low to not allow you the risk of changing the job?
* Can you change the way you work?
* What would be the one thing that you could change to put yourself in a happier frame of mind? (hint: your work timings, your approach to work, the people you spend your time with, your topics of discussions during breaks)

unhappy job goers If it's the boss -

* What exactly is the case?
* Are you unhappy with the philosophies, work load, behavior, frequency mismatch or something else?
* Have you worked with someone else before and are constantly comparing?
* Bias - gender based, performance based, political?

If it is a toxic work environment -

* How are you contributing to make the environment at work better or worse?
* Was the work environment like this ever since you joined?
* Is there a root cause you can identify for the toxicity?
* What could you do to lighten up and make the workplace a healthier, happier place to be?

If it is something other than those mentioned above, from each of them, there are pros and cons to be drawn and learnt from.

The most positive things to take away from each of those sub contexts are diverse.

When we don't have a boss we align with, we are actuallly on our way to learn how to deal with difficult people or simply different people.
Jack Welch in his book "Winning" has spoken about dealing with bad bosses. One point he mentions is - "If the boss is nice to everyone else and it's just you he doesn't appreciate or not satisfied with your performance alone, then may be you should once really look into your own performance / attitude / work and see if something really needs to be changed, before blaming the job or your boss".

When we don't like the work we do, we are actually discovering ourselves better, learning to stay out of comfort zones to work at times when the love for work may not be much, but the fact that duty still calls and we must deliver with passion to it.

When the colleagues get political, it's the best way to learn to live in a society and make your way to the top - essentially learning the "survival of the fittest" theory in real and practical.

When the pay is smaller, it's an indication that our self worth is higher, that's one way for us to create a story to deliver until we do, that though we weren't sufficiently rewarded our response to being diligent at work didn't fall low..

When the work environment isn't the most positive, it gives us an opportunity to set the environment to our liking- to be an influence to the enivorns around us, to maintain a good vibe at work with everyone around us.

When we are amidst a job that needs constant change, it teaches us flexibility, and an ability to function in situations where everything won't happen by the book and yet we need to deliver. This brings us in tune with and helps us embrace change, which is also a great quality to possess.

When for various reasons, changing the job isn't an option even though you would love to do just that - it instills an ability to persevere in situations and with people you don't get along the best with, toughens you up as a person, and leaves you with perhaps what can be labeled as the greatest virtue- endurance.

iU-EYE leaves you with this final thought- There is nothing in this world that doesn't leave us with a deeper perception, if we are willing to look deep enough - be it with our bosses, or our colleagues, or nature of jobs. What has your experience been? Speak your thoughts through the comments section, this is it from iU-EYE for today!

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