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How to use Typically Mundane Certifications and Insurances as a Valuable Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies can bring creative genius out of someone more than one wishes for. Nobody ever imagined that the mundane certifications and insurances could become a valuable marketing strategy for business growth. Read ON!
Mundane Certifications and Insurances

If you are a growing business in a highly competitive marketplace, gaining that extra 1-2% on your competitors can be the difference between a profitable year and a loss-making year.
As any successful entrepreneur will attest, it’s important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to building brand authority and reputation within your industry. One of the most obvious ways to market your brand in a different light to prospective customers is to hammer home the experience and safety of your business.

Businesses that invest the time and money to achieve typically mundane industry certifications can actually use these to their advantage over the competition. Certifications from recognized training programs are a clear demonstration of your company’s commitment to total professionalism and upholding – and surpassing – industry standards.

Tipping the balance when bidding for new projects

Many growing businesses are often surprised at just how much of a positive effect shouting about their latest professional achievements can yield. In fact, it can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing new business opportunities. Certifications that prove your staff have acquired new skills and knowledge are worth their weight in gold, reinforcing that your business is not prepared to rest on its laurels.

Professional certifications can not only be used as an external marketing strategy to try and win new clients, but they can also be used for internal communications too. Investing resources in departments to obtain recognized industry qualifications demonstrates to their colleagues that you share their desire to be the best they can be. By articulating your investment in the professional development of your staff, it can only lead to happier, more content employees and improved productivity. This, in turn, leads to happier clients.

Google qualifications and assessments are the perfect yardsticks

Pic Credits: "Google AdWords Certification Partner" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by rustybrick

Google is a really good example of how to use qualifications and certifications to help drive industry standards higher. Their Google Analytics examinations are undertaken by digital marketers and digital agencies that wish to demonstrate their proficiency in using Google Analytics and its other industry-leading search marketing tools.
Agencies that master one or more Google Marketing Platform products are increasingly shouting about it via their PR departments while displaying ‘Google Partner’ badges and logos on-site to reassure existing and prospective clients of their expertise.

Protecting your employees and customers

Even your commitment to insuring your business and its customers is a sign of a company that is organized and takes its responsibilities seriously. Basic cover such as general liability insurance, which covers businesses and their customers against on-site accidents, can be used as a marketing ploy to reassure customers that they won’t be left in the lurch if they suffer a bodily or personal injury on your premises.
It’s also useful for businesses that work within their clients’ own premises, with general liability plans usually covering property damage sustained by your workers, giving clients peace of mind that they’ll never be out of pocket. As your business moves forward and evolves over time, do your best to keep any industry certifications up-to-date so that your company can continue to realize the marketing benefits – both internally and externally.

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