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Debunking Myths About Weight Loss

Weight loss is everyone's preferred chapter at one point or the other in life. This piece gives you quick idea on what myths we mostly house about this and overcoming them can mean a big deal in itself. Read ON!
Weight loss myths

We all tend to have this innate obsession with our weight. Just admit it. Who knows, maybe it’s rooted deep like some Darwinian instinct where we have to top that natural selection ladder with our polished primate beauty.
Spread those plumes and holler like a peacock! Or maybe it is all part of pop culture because those skinny supermodels make us resent icecream and peanut butter (even though we enjoy subsisting on it). Or maybe it all just a huge conspiracy theory by the Icelandic mafia, DEA, and the high-ranked Illuminati gargoyles who plot to stuff us like sheep to fuel the HAARP with our misery. Alright, that was a bit over the top...

The purpose behind this dramatic introduction is that we can all think of a million reasons why we look the way we look. But we are here to debunk some myths behind weight loss so you can have a little peace of mind next time you make any proactive attempts.

Exercise much?

As much as spending hours sweating all over the gym seems like a sensible idea to buff up that beach body, it has very little to do with regulating weight per se. Sure, you can gain muscle mass and chisel those bulges but you cannot force your metabolism to work any harder than it already is.Sure, you can gain muscle mass and chisel those bulges but you cannot force your metabolism to work any harder than it already is. You can also try Bariatric Surgery to lose weight.

Our bodies are fat burning powerhouses by default so all you can do is keep it active and de-stressed. That means movement. That’s it! That is all. Whether it’s just a walk in the park with your grandma or a full-blown cross fit session, maintaining a more mobile lifestyle can keep you fit and ever-lasting. Same goes with having frequent sex or at least keeping that  vibrator close at hand, just in case. Stay physically active anyway it suits you.

The Secret to Dieting

With our bodies being fat burning powerhouses au naturel, we need to fuel ourselves properly in order to fulfill that noble function. Nutrition can make the most formidable changes to our systems, that is true. But what we need to do even more is - enjoy it! It doesn’t matter if it is sweet, meat, vegetables or dairy products, the secret to dieting is enjoying it. How very gourmand, isn’t it?

Seriously, your body naturally tells you what it likes and doesn’t so follow that gut instinct. You can eat anything you want as long as you physically feel good after eating it. The only warning that must be issued is that moderation truly is key. Do not stuff yourself with food to the brim of your stomach. Instead, always leave a little space after you finish a meal.

Stressfully stressful

It is believed that stress is the catalyst for all diseases, like oil is to fire. And when stress hits your endocrine system, all hell breaks loose and the body starts to suffer consequences. The status of our mental well-being can speak volumes about our health and longevity. So think of your mental hygiene as something similar to oral hygiene. If you leave a cavity unattended too long, it can wreak havoc all the way to the tooth’s nerve. So do unprocessed thoughts and trauma.

That is why it is completely OK to visit a professional therapist if you have too much on your mind much like you would go visit a dentist to fill that cavity and stop it from spreading. Dedicating some time to introspection on a daily basis can do wonders for your weight, people just don’t realize that. There is more to the phrase “a sound mind is in a sound body” than meets the eye.

In Conclusion..

The Internet is us and we are the Internet - and this convolution has made us want instant access to instant results about instant happiness. But weight gain or loss is a process. Give yourself time to notice those changes and respond to them how you feel works best for you.
It can be fruitful to ask for professional help but most importantly remember to pat yourself on the back every now and then. Everyone is fixated on their weight, only those who admit it can actually do something about it. Everything else is just a myth.

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