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Buying Guide to Quality Hotel Spa Robes

Hospitality industry has multiple factors to keep in mind while serving their guests. While interiors, ambience, toiletries, flooring, tiles, quality of bed or pillows, cutlery, crockery, staff friendliness and more can all matter, the quality of SPA robes in those places that flaunt spas is so much on the notice as the generation moves towards more and more love for SPAs. Here's a piece to help you get that right. Read ON!
SPA robes A luxurious bathrobe makes you feel pampered while at home or at the beach. Robes are also a great thing to give someone as a gift. You can never go wrong with a bathrobe regardless of the occasion, be it a wedding, mother’s day, birthday or Valentine.
Advances in the manufacturing sector have made it possible for robes to be made of high-quality material, such as the spa robes you will find in most exotic hotels and resorts.

There are top features to consider when choosing your robe because the various options available can make the whole shopping experience a bit confusing. There are different types of materials to consider if you want to choose a robe that will be durable and comfortable. Keeping this in mind will help you choose a robe that will last with you for years to come.

Picking the Right Fabric of Spa Robes

The fabric is one of the main essential features to consider when you are shopping for your robe. The fabric used will determine how it feels on the skin, the absorbency rate and the weight of your robe. Fabric types can range from classic cotton to satin. How you intend to use the robe will also be a determining factor when considering the fabric used. Most people prefer to wrap themselves up in a soft robe after leaving the shower.

Microfiber robes are almost the thickness of human hair and so as a result, they feel and look more elegant than silk. They are lighter and breathable more than natural fibers. The manufacturing process involves a splitting process that creates millions of tiny loops. This makes it great for absorbing water. The microfiber robes are great for lounging in the house and are appropriate for any season.

Although these robes are still new, their popularity is steadily growing in upscale spas and also retail shops. However the downside to these robes so that they can be quite expensive but if you enjoy ultimate luxury in a robe, this is a good option.

Spa robes are a combination of two layers of fabric. The inside is made up of cotton terry layer and the outside layer has a brushed microfiber. This results in a wrapper that has a perfect combination of fabrics to keep you warm and dry. The silk outer layer makes this robe have a fresh look and suede feel. The robe also has excellent water absorbency as a result of the interior terry cloth thus giving it a soft feel. You can gift a special friend during a baby shower, anniversary celebration or wedding. Most modern spas use these robes to offer their guests. But they are also on sale at most online stores. Buying one will be money well spent for the comfort you will experience.

Cotton Waffle Robes

These bathrobes are distinguished from others by the resultant checkered or diamond patterns. They are often sued as promotional gifts for the guest. You can purchase these in high volumes because they are usually quite inexpensive.

These robes have excellent absorbency rate because they are made up of 100% cotton. But such high-grade cotton has one downside which is that they are prone to shrinkage. They undergo pre-shrinking treatment to make them be of good quality and avoid this problem.

Cotton Terry Robes

These are mainly Turkish and Egyptian cotton which have been used for many years. They have high absorbency rates and therefore make them an ideal choice to wrap up after a shower but be careful because they can be quite heavy if they absorb too much water.

They are also prone to shrinking if they have not undergone preshrinking treatment. However, they are an excellent choice if you want gowns for leaving the bathroom.

Cotton Velour Robes

The material used in these robes is similar t the ones used in jumpsuits worn in grade school. Velour and velvet are quite similar since it is piled fabric. The soft and thick materials make it an excellent choice for making robes. The main disadvantage is that they can be bulky but have also great insulating bathrobes.

Satin and silk robes are for both men and women. They have a smooth feel and as such good for wearing during summer months. This is an ideal robe if you are about to go for a tropical holiday. However, they are not very absorbent so may not be a good option if you are looking for shower rooms. But you can still relax while wearing silk robes because they are light and encourage fluidity during movement. They require delicate care.

Cashmere Robes

These expensive robes come in great variety and ensure you get the quality you want in a luxury robe. The manufacturing process involves the collection of animal fibers when the animals start molting and therefore shed hair. These robes are warm and good for wintertime because of their super insulation. But cashmere robes are not water absorbent. They have to be dry-cleaned.

Chenille Robes

These types of robes have seen a growth in the past recent years. The wrappers are made of pure polyester to keep you warm and cozy because of its exceptional insulating properties. They are available in a vast spectrum of quality. Some are of low quality but high-end chenille robes are soft and light in the skin. The only way to tell the difference between these two is by touching them.


This is great for men’s bathrobe especially if you are in cold weather. Although some may view these as old fashioned by some people, robes made of this fabric feel as smooth as satin. Flannel was initially made from wool but it is now mixed with cotton. You will feel warm inside the robe because of its hairy surface inside.
These robes feel soft to your skin and you need to choose this robe if you want to feel warm and well insulated during cold winter months.

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