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Do You Know What Your Strongest Emotion is?

Self awareness is one of the key strengths of truly successful people and those that live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. Are you one of those? Are you aware what your strongest emotion is? Read ON!
For the beginning, I would like to talk about positivity, our thoughts, our dreams and how we can live the life we want.

Ana Sorina Articles Yes, I know, you will maybe say ”Ok, I’ve heard it all before". But, if you are still here, it means you are still looking for happiness and a beautiful life. So I won’t tell you words, I will share my experiences and emotions with you.

The most common human emotion is fear. Fear that "we can't do something", fear that "people won't like or accept us", fear that "we are not good enough" and so on. But, what we truly fear is…death. Think about that. If you would know you will live forever and have all the time in the world to do all that you want, fail, repair, have success, experience, would you still be afraid? No. You wouldn’t. 
We actually fear the time that's passing. We fear that we have not enough time to do all we want; we feel that pressure. We regret what we didn’t do so much that we could have until now but we are too afraid to do the same thing in the future. Because we have no time, we are busy, we are afraid to lose and that drives us forward.

Lately, while reading, researching and talking to several people(acquaintances and friends), I discovered that fear is our worst enemy and the first reason we go to therapy.

Yes! truly hard to believe because we have several reasons we feel bad for, but actually they are just a cover for our fears. A friend of mine told me her worst fear is that she could die of hunger one day. I could seem funny at first, but it is not. Fear is not funny. Another friend of mine fears she’s not good enough, she fears people, fears illnesses. We have plenty of them, isn't it? My biggest fear is fear of the time just passing by.

Think about all these fears, then think about your fears, and you will then see how all our fears come from the god of all fears - the fear of death.That we have not enough time to live and experience everything we desire.

That is why I want you to think about what you truly love to do and what your ideal life would look like, and simply "go for it!". Because social image, the other people’s opinion and living under pressure is not at all worthwhile. You only live once, maybe, because we don’t really know what’s next after this LIFE. So, Live the way you want. Don’t give up dancing and torture yourself in an office, just to be accepted by someone; don’t give up art/drawing if that makes you happy. Don’t even get married just because people tell you to do it. Do it when you feel it is right to do so. Stop wasting time with people you don’t like or people who make you feel embarrassed or bad. You don’t have to be loved by everyone. Stay among those who love you as you are. Stop compromising yourself and go for the life you want.

Now that we know that fear is our biggest problem/strongest emotion, let's learn how to control it and heal.
As a writer and actress I have a lot of questions about myself and the world we are living in. That is why I write about this, hoping you will find yourself somewhere in words and emotions.

I want you to please think about your fears, make a list maybe, think deeper about them and you are most welcome to share them with me. I would be very glad if we talk about them and find solutions.

If we merely change the way we feel and think we are definitely going to change our lives substantially!
Fight fear, for, you are the only one who can do it. Don't let it ruin your dreams and change you to become the victim of your life!

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
My name is Ana, I love writing, I believe in our best self and love.

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