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Improve Workplace Safety With These Effective Tips

Workplace Safety An American worker is injured on the job every seven seconds: 12,900 workers per day and 4.7 million a year, CBS News reports. Overexertion, slips, trips and falls, and contact with objects and equipment are common causes of workplace injuries. Injuries requiring time off the job aren't just bad for employees; they can also negatively impact your revenue. For new business owners, ensuring excellent standards of workplace health and safety is important to protect both your employees and your bottom line.

Consult with a lawyer

As a new business owner, it's beneficial to consult with a reputable lawyer for reliable legal advice, Austin firm FVF Law, advises. Ideally, you should look for an attorney well versed in local laws and policies relevant to your location and business. A lawyer specialized in workplace health and safety can conduct an audit of your premises to make sure it meets state and federal occupational health and safety requirements. If an employee ever injures themselves on the job, you'll also know where to turn for expert advice on the best course of action.

Improve workplace ergonomics

Good ergonomics supports the body's natural posture and movements and reduces common workplace injuries typically caused by repetitive strain, bad posture, and lifting heavy objects. Workstations should provide employees with enough room to perform tasks. Desks should be clean and tidy with equipment within arm's reach. Adjustable desks also contribute to good posture and eliminate hunching. When sitting, employees should have Workplace Safety their feet flat on the ground and their forearms resting comfortably on the desk (rather than shrugging their shoulders). Keyboards should either be flat or slightly tilted and employees should have room to rest their wrists comfortably while typing. Computer screens should be positioned parallel with the employee's head when held in a comfortable, neutral position; employees should never have to strain or swivel their heads to look at their screens. Additionally, chairs should have lumbar support — this is essential to support the natural shape of the spine.

Provide employees with comprehensive training

Proper employee training is essential to prevent workplace injury. Therefore, upon hiring, provide all your employees with comprehensive safety training for their roles. Employees should know how to use the necessary tools and equipment safely within established procedures and recognize signs of accidents and injuries. Moreover, you may even want to hire a physical therapist to help you create a safe workplace. A physical therapist can review the physical demands of each position and let you know of helpful adjustments. Hold regular meetings to keep safety rules fresh in everyone's minds and provide employees with the opportunity to raise any concerns that need addressing.

As a new business owner, you're tasked with the responsibility to provide your employees with a safe and comfortable workspace. Consulting with a lawyer, improving ergonomics, and training employees are some key ways you can make your workplace as safe, healthy, and productive as possible.

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