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Nissho Electronics USA partners with U First Capital for venture capital investments and M&A to expand into new markets

Nissho Electronics Global leader in DataCenter Technology taps Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm to drive global strategic investments tied to new growth areas Santa Clara, California, December 9, 2020 Nissho Electronics USA Corporation has partnered with U First Capital (www.UFirstCapital.com) to invest in cutting-edge opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, and other emerging areas in the US. Their strategy is to identify new growth areas, accelerate product innovation, and extend market reach by investing in Startups. Nissho Electronics has been leveraging this new relationship to further grow the company and expand beyond its current market segment leadership in the Datacenter Technology Infrastructure space into emerging areas like Digital Transformation.
"Finding the right Venture Capital partner was a critical step in our search for cutting-edge technologies that will help grow our company and delight our customers. We found U First Capital to be uniquely positioned to collaborate with us due to their wide reach in the Venture Capital ecosystem and a deep technical understanding of a variety of emerging technologies.
U First Capital brings years of experience in Venture Capital investments and in-depth expertise in several domains. Plus, their background stemming from technical PhD degrees gives them the aptitude to dive deep into new sectors. They have unparalleled access to the global innovation ecosystem due to a strong network base, both in terms of breadth and depth. The founding team has been based in Silicon Valley for almost two decades. They have already been able to identify stellar investment opportunities that are expanding the horizons for us," said Mizuki Enomoto, President of Nissho Electronics USA Corporation. Nissho Electronics
"We are very excited to partner with Nissho Electronics! Nissho Electronics is already a global technology leader in the DataCenter, Networking, Video Conferencing Spaces. It is now fostering an innovative Open Innovation model that amalgamates the assets of customers with the technologies and business models of startups to create new business lines with precious customers. We are excited to help them create multi-billion dollar businesses in this new model via Venture Capital Investments and M&A," said Dr. Ekta Dang, Founder, and CEO of U First Capital.
U First Capital was formed to leverage its technical strengths, network, and Silicon Valley experience in driving investments as a Corporate Venture Capital arm. "The world of Corporate Innovation is undergoing a transition. Most Corporations want to embrace the new world of Data and Artificial Intelligence to turbocharge their growth trajectory, hence they are tapping into external innovation via tools like Venture Capital. At U First Capital, we drive both strategic returns as well as financial returns for the Corporation via our innovative Venture Capital as a Service model. We have been honored to serve over ten global Corporations, signing at the rate of one Corporation every month," said Dr. Sanjit Singh Dang, Co-founder, and Chairman of U First Capital.
About U First Capital:
U First Capital is a Silicon-Valley based Venture Capital firm that works with leading Corporations. U First Capital provides Venture Capital as a Service to Corporations by bringing external innovation (Startups, University research, etc) in their specific areas of interest. It is a structured Platform to bring together top Corporations, Venture Capitalists, Startups, and Universities globally for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. U First Capital has a solid Industry Advisory Board consisting of several top Venture Capitalists and Executives from Fortune 500 Corporations. U First Capital also has a rich pool of University Advisors from top schools in the US and Asia. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
More information on U First Capital can be found at www.UFirstCapital.com.
About Nissho Electronics USA Corporation:
Nissho Electronics USA Corporation has been based in Silicon Valley since 1985. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nissho Electronics Japan. Nissho Electronics USA has been supporting various startups that try to make inroads into Japan.
It invests in early-stage startups including Seed, Series A, and Series B. Its DNA is in creating new value to acquire customers and win the Japanese market by partnering the cutting-edge technology and disruptive business model of great startups with hands-on collaboration. More information on Nissho Electronics USA Corporation can be found at https://www.nelco.com
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