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3-Day Guide to Experiencing Norway

Norway Guide Astonishing views, wild fjords, and a thrilling sense of adventure - these are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Norway. However, this former Viking land has a lot more to offer than just untamed natural beauty.

Norway is one of those mysterious Nordic countries, where people are straightforward and friendly (after they warm up to you a little bit) and the cities are colorful and filled with culture. Moreover, it is definitely a country you can’t hope to discover in just three days!

Therefore, it’s best to take it slow and enjoy your time there by hitting those tourist attractions closer to you. Still, if you really want to experience Norway and you only have three days for it, here’s what you must do.

Watch the Northern Lights

Also known as the aurora borealis, the northern lights are on most people’s bucket lists, so if you go to Norway, you should jump at the occasion. Still, you need a bit of luck by your side, since this mesmerizing phenomenon is not that easy to spot.

The lights don’t show up on a daily basis and are more visible between October and late March when there are more hours of darkness. From April through September, the country goes through a period of longer days (than usual) due to its position in relation to the North Pole.

Enjoy Norway’s Railway

With an extensive railway network, Norway is easy to explore from top to bottom even if you don’t own or rent a car. Moreover, trains are faster and more comfortable than a car, and you get to enjoy some stunning views. Also, most Norwegian trains are well-equipped with new technologies so you can go online to stream a movie or play live roulette (if you like gambling).

Norway Guide If you do take the train, try to reach Flåm Railway (or Flåmsbana). This is the most beautiful train journey you will ever make! There is only 20 km of railway, but the towering mountains and amazing waterfalls will leave you dumbfounded.

Also, if you get to Flåm (a remote locality nestled up in the mountains) you can plan a unique outdoor adventure that you’ll remember for years to come! Not to mention that here you can visit some of the local attractions (like the 17th-century Flåm Church or the Aegir Microbrewery).

Another iconic train trip that lasts about 7h, goes from Oslo to Trondheim. This time you’ll travel via the Gudbrandsdalen valley, which means the train will sneak through mountains and go past fjords and waterfalls. If you ever dreamt about taking the Hogwarts Express, this trip will come close to that fantastic experience!

Try a Midnight Summer Tour

Northern Norway is one of the few regions where you can enjoy the landscape and sunlight well into the night (during the summer months). Therefore, instead of being in your hotel bed by sundown, you can enjoy a midnight sun cruise to the North Cape (Europe’s most nordic point).

Because of the high altitude of the region, the sun never fully sets during the summer months. This creates the midnight summer phenomenon, which allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of Norway even late into the night. Moreover, the golden light of the evening is perfect for photos, so make sure to have your camera ready! Wrap Up
Norway is a gorgeous country with plenty of cultural treasures, but most visitors come here for its natural beauty. Therefore, it’s best to come prepared with hiking equipment and a passion for adventure. Of course, you also should make sure you plan for times when there’s nothing to do including areas with no signal where you can’t bury yourself in online browsing and social media.
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