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Upgrading Your Printer Is Innovating Your Industry

Upgrade printer It is easy to underestimate how vital your office and administrative support technology are to the efficient operation of your business. Whether you're in a creative field that relies on administrative support to execute a team's vision or using it to curate and make use of the company's accumulated knowledge, your investment in scanners and other important pieces of technology like new Fujitsu scanners for your administrative team will translate to better support for those core operations.

Automated Printing Processes

Automation has been the key to cost-saving efficiencies in many industries, and print shops are no different. The last fifteen years has seen a huge move toward completely automated digital printing processes that include extras like binding and standard-quality trade covers. That makes it easy to give any hefty research report or employee manual the same durability and professional finish as a book.

Automated processes are now moving in-house in many companies, as the costs of investing in a fully automated digital printing system become more and more accessible to mid-sized and smaller companies. This is actually happening at two ends of the industry, with devices like the FI-8000 scanner providing services in your office that used to have to be sent to a specialty shop and larger-scale institutional printing services are becoming more cost-efficient at once.

Upgrade printer Next Generation in Scanners

Scanners have been bundling more and more print services into an integrated unit for some time, but the new innovation is an investment by manufacturers like Fujitsu in high-volume capabilities. Greater speed, increased fidelity, wider ranges of file outputs, and assistance with large batch scanning are all important to companies that need to digitize a large number of paper documents. Providing for those needs with a unit that fits comfortably in any front office print room means cutting out one more outside contractor.

This increased confidentiality can be very important in industries that are digitally archiving sensitive trade information, customer data, or old financial records. By consolidating your scanning in-house, you also gain complete control over the security protocols governing the treatment of the documents you're digitizing. That includes both the print and digital versions.

Introducing Direct Cloud Archival
As more digital data accumulates in a company's archives, the harder it is to store and index that data on in-house servers. The most popular solution in recent years has been the growth of secure cloud-based data lakes and other document archival systems. One of the best innovations in the current generation of office scanners has been Fujitsu's commitment to providing direct-to-cloud high volume document scanning.
That innovation cuts out several steps that used to be necessary when scanners had to save to a local file for later upload through a separate app to your cloud service. Upgrade now to find out how a new scanner can unlock your office's efficiency. Whether you need high-volume archival for data intake or for old records, you'll find today's scanners have unique tools you could never count on finding in one place before.

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