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11 Fast-Growing Startups From Pune

Pune is traditionally known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, but it has also become a Startup hub in Maharashtra. There are 3,518 tech startups in Pune and its startup ecosystem has grown rapidly. Pune offers startups with all the required resources, infrastructure, and connections. Pune has grown to become one of the most favorable cities for investments. With thousands of revolutionary startups from Pune, here are some of them that are interesting:

Juno Software Systems:

Startups from Pune

Founded in 2010 by Ms. Arpita Gopal and Ms. Gauravi Pimpalkhare, Juno Software Systems offers AI-Powered automation solutions for Educational institutes through its flagship product called JUNO Campus. JUNO Campus consists of various modules relating to the activities in an institution including academics, teaching, admission, placement, timetable creation & maintenance, learning management system, and many more. These modules help the institution in automating the activities and make them more efficient.

With almost all the aspects of an educational institution automated and optimized, it paves the way for the complete digitization of the said institution.

ExtraaEdge Technology Solutions:

Startups from Pune

ExtraEdge has been founded by Mr. Abhishek Ballabh and Mr. Sushil Mundada in 2015. ExtraEdge is building products to tackle the most pivotal issue of the education industry- ‘student acquisition’. It envisions bringing technology to different facets of education marketing.

Their products include an Education CRM Software to manage the leads; an Admission marketing automation software that automates email marketing and other marketing campaigns; Chatbots for enabling LiveChat; Predictive Analytics that sorts the leads and suggests the future course of actions; a Mobile CRM to enable Work-from-home; and many other solutions that would help admission teams in predicting admissions. The technologies by ExtraEdge are used by more than 250 admission teams.


Startups from Pune

Founded in 2012 by Mr. Sarang Lakare, InTouch helps businessmen and entrepreneurs manage their contacts. To save a contact, all you will have to do is take a photo of a business card with InTouch, and it would procure the details and store it as a contact on your device. InTouch provides you with a Lead Manager feature that helps in saving unknown numbers and other details from Whatsapp, LinkedIn, or Gmail directly to the phone.

InTouch also provides you with a Team Collaboration module to connect and communicate with your team directly from the application. The chats & communications are structured, organized, & secure and can be shared easily with another person.

InTouch boasts of 1.5 Million users from 190+ countries. They had received seed funds from Blume Ventures.


Startups from Pune

Faasos is founded by Mr. Jaydeep Burman and Mr. Kallol Banerjee in 2011. Faasos started as a domestic fast-food brand selling Indian wraps as an alternative to global fast foods like pizzas and burgers. They had set up more than 75 restaurants in the first two years of their inception. Though the business was doing pretty well, the founders were in search of a disruptive idea for their venture. That’s when they stumbled upon the concept of ‘Cloud Kitchen’ which was germinating in the food industry in the country.

They pivoted to the cloud kitchen model in 2014 and that skyrocketed their business. Today, Faasos alone has 176 kitchens across the country. Mr. Jaydeep and Mr. Kallol have launched several other brands including Behrouz Biriyani, Oven Story, Lunch Box, and others; and are operating more than 1100 kitchens put together.

Repos Energy:

Startups from Pune

Founded by the duo Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj in 2017, Repos Energy is starting to revolutionize the fuel distribution industry. Repos Energy is backed by the business tycoon and the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group- Ratan Tata Sir himself. Repos Energy offers doorstep delivery of fuel to commercial users through IoT-enabled and cloud-based technology. The users can order fuel through an app, and then the Repos Mobile Fuel container reaches the location to fulfill the requirement.

In an interview with Economic Times, Repos mentioned that they have sold more than 3 Crore Litres of fuel through their platform. They have more than 1000 mobile fuel stations operating in more than 150 cities of the country.


Startups from Pune

Proctur’s tagline says it all that Proctur does: “Your pocket classroom”. Proctur is founded by Mr. Nishanth Agarwal in 2016 as a complete solution to manage a school or a coaching institute. Proctur helps schools and coaching institutes in digitizing themselves. Its website and app help institutes with a seamless digital interface that brings the institute, teachers, students, and their parents on one platform.

The activities for which the solutions are provided include Enquiry management, student administration, Livestreaming audio and video, online examination, and many more. Proctur also provides the institutes with a website builder package and to enable them to create their website. It also provides a white-labeled branded app to the institutes.


Startups from Pune

EarlySalary is a consumer loans startup that envisions becoming a one-stop solution for all the cash needs. It is an online marketplace to procure short-term loans to consumers including personal loans, educational loans, travel loans, salary advance, etc. If there is a moment that you have run out of money and you are in need of money urgently but your Salary has been delayed for some reason, Early Salary is for you.

It is founded by Mr. Akshay Mehrotra and Mr. Ashish Goyal in 2015 and wants to make EarlySalary India’s largest instant personal loan and salary advance platform in the country. It has raised funding of $33.3 Million from VC firms like Chiratae Ventures, Eight Road Ventures, GenNext Ventures, etc.


Startups from Pune

ElasticRun was founded by Mr. Sandeep Deshmukh, Mr. Shitiz Bansal, and Mr. Saurabh Nigam in 2016. It is among a very few ventures in the country with a concept of Kirana Commerce Platform. It provides businesses and brands a reach to a network of 1200+ rural Kirana stores which are in the deep rural areas of the country. ElasticRun has built a network of transportation to provide last-mile delivery of FMCG products to the rural Kirana stores. It almost acts as an extended arm of the FMCG Companies’ direct distribution network in the rural area.

ElasticRun has raised more than $130 Million from Kalaari Capital, Prosus Ventures, Avataar Venture Partners, InnoVen Capital, and Norwest Venture Partners for their expansion across the country.

Vayana Network:

Startups from Pune

The Trade Financing industry is expected to reach $10426 billion in value. In India as well, trade financing plays a pivotal role in trading. Trade financing is a facility with which the traders can cash in their account receivables, bank guarantees with a financial institution. This helps them with working capital to expand their business.

Vayana Network is the largest supply chain finance platform in the country. Since its inception in 2009 by Mr. RN Iyer, Vayana has enabled more than $6 billion in trade finance, thereby empowering 10,000 MSMEs from 25 industries.


Startups from Pune

Founded by Mr. Parvaz Hussain, Ms. Sonia Basu, and Ms. Asifa Hussain in 2016, HealthFin is an online marketplace for healthcare financing. It provides loans to individuals to deal with a medical emergency, planned healthcare expenditure, and also recurring medical needs.

HealthFin’s services can be obtained by patients in 60 cities of the country through all the major hospitals and clinics. They have provided loans to more than 15000 patients since their inception. If you have any major health expenditures coming up, HealthFin is for you. HealthFin has raised $500K as a seed fund from Axilor Ventures and Sprout Venture Partners.


Startups from Pune

Founded by three friends- Mr. Praveen Kumar, Mr. Saket Newaskar, and Mr. Karthik Ramachandra in 2012, Triphobo is a vacation planner to help you plan your next vacation. TripHobo plans to make travel easier for people across the globe. The users can plan their own itinerary or choose from the existing user-generated ones. The team at TripHobo has collaborated with hotels, travel agents, and other travel-related websites to bring the best experience for the users. They can book all their needs for a great travel from one place. TripHobo has raised $7.4 Million from Kalaari Capital and Mayfield fund, a global Venture Capital firm.

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