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20 Indian Startup Facts That Will Inspire Innovation

Indian Startup Facts That Will Inspire Innovation Startups in India have been growing in every part of the country. With focus on Indian Startup ecosystem in every way possible - from media to movies to books and more, the innovation is growing by the hour and there's a new startup born every twenty minutes in India.
The ideas and founders behind these ideas are all very inspiring to learn about.

We have compiled a list of 20 such innovative startups in India that started recently who have thought of a solution that was much needed and have made a mark in one way or another in India.

Here's what you will love to read and share:
  1. In 2017, a startup called "Ecolibrium Energy" developed a smart energy monitoring device that helps households and businesses track their energy usage in real-time.

  2. "Vahak" is a startup that uses machine learning and AI to help farmers improve crop yields by analyzing data on weather, soil conditions, and crop health.

  3. "FarmerUncle" is an online marketplace connecting farmers directly with consumers, allowing them to sell their products at fair prices.

  4. "Flintobox" is a subscription-based service that delivers educational activity kits to children to help them learn new skills and develop their creativity.

  5. "Jugnoo" is a on-demand auto rickshaw service based in Chandigarh, India that allows users to hail a ride using their smartphone.

  6. "Milkbasket" is a grocery delivery service that uses a unique micro-delivery model to bring fresh groceries directly to customers' doors.

  7. "BabyChakra" is an online platform connecting parents with trusted childcare services, including babysitters, tutors, and playgroups.

  8. "Swasth India" is a healthcare startup that provides affordable primary healthcare services through a network of mobile clinics.

  9. "Gramophone" is a rural e-commerce platform that allows villagers to order goods online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

  10. "GharPay" is a mobile app that allows tenants to pay rent and utility bills directly to their landlords using their smartphones.

  11. "Medinfi" is a health information search engine that allows users to search for and find information on doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities.

  12. "PaperBoat" is a company that makes traditional Indian drinks, such as aam panna and jaljeera, and sells them in modern packaging to consumers all over India.

  13. "PlayAce" is a sports analytics startup that provides coaches and players with data-driven insights to help improve their performance.

  14. "Ekgaon Technologies" which uses technology to help small and marginal farmers increase productivity and profits

  15. "FableStreet" an online fashion brand for plus-size women with a focus on fit and design.

  16. "Airwood Aerostructures" an aerospace startup that designs and manufactures low-cost, high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian and military use.

  17. "RentSher" an event and party rental e-commerce platform that rents out everything from tents, tables and chairs to lights and sound equipment

  18. "Shiksha Financial Services" that provide education loans to low-income students in India.

  19. "Myles" car rental service that provide self-drive option for customers

  20. "LetsEndorse" connects socially responsible individuals, organizations and companies with grass-root level social impact projects that align with their CSR policies or personal values

Addtional to this above wonderful information here's another tidbit we would love to share with you all - A list of 10 Startups in India that went from 0 to $100K in least time:

  1. Flipkart: an Indian e-commerce company that started in 2007, it quickly became one of India's largest online retailers.

  2. Ola: Indian ride-hailing company founded in 2010, which now operates in more than 250 cities in India.

  3. Paytm: Indian mobile payment and financial services company launched in 2010.

  4. OYO Rooms: Indian hotel chain founded in 2013, which has rapidly expanded to become the world's sixth-largest hotel chain.

  5. Zomato: Indian restaurant search and discovery service founded in 2008, it quickly became one of India's most popular food and restaurant discovery platforms.

  6. Quickr: Indian classifieds marketplace started in 2005 and was acquired by Ebay in 2008.

  7. Hike: Indian instant messaging app that was launched in 2012, it reached 20 million registered users in just 9 months after launch.

  8. UrbanClap: Indian home services platform was founded in 2014 and raised $100,000 within the first year

  9. CarDekho: Indian online car marketplace founded in 2008, it became one of the leading players in the Indian car market within a short period of time.

  10. Lenskart: Indian e-commerce company founded in 2010, it quickly became one of India's largest online retailers of eyewear.
Indian Startup Facts That Will Inspire Innovation One thing you learn is that the ones that grew really fast are also the ones that stayed growing and never went out of the game. But every business might not find the same destiny eventually and it's all about ensuring that you stay focused on your idea and building it to the level it can reach.

Solving consumer problems and making a profitable business model around that is all you need to keep your eyes ON.
While there could be tonnes of ways to grow fast, we would like to share some general strategies that can help small businesses to achieve rapid growth include:
  • Focusing on a specific niche or target market
  • Providing a unique product or service
  • Investing in digital marketing
  • Building a strong online presence and reputation
  • Building a strong team of skilled employees
  • Building strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Continuously improving and innovating the products or services you offer
  • Embracing new technology and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry.

We hope you enjoyed this infomration and you are on your way to build your start up idea fast and big.
Meanwhile, If you are a startup or know one and wish to get the idea featured on Inspiration Unlimited feel free to connect with us on twitter - @iuemag_com and we would be happy to take that ahead.

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