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A Drop In The Ocean

Have you ever wondered about the magnitude of your significance in life? About whether you are the most important being to anyone, how much you matter and the like? Well if yes, after reading this article you might realize your importance in the functioning of the Universe. If no, I guess it's time for you to ask yourself those questions!

Our Universe is a Hash function of Time and Space considering Time travel creates a Butterfly effect. (Hash function: one way function or irreversible function). Every individual occupies space and moves in positive direction of time.
a drop in the ocean,significance
We all know that:
*Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.
*Energy is the ability to do work.
*Work is the force acting through a distance.
*Force is a product of mass & acceleration.
(End of definitions).

Now relate yourselves with the above definitions. You have the Mass (Weight) and you are moving forward with time, so you have the force, it's not just the physical Force. It's your thoughts about your Dreams, Ambitions, Goals and Vision which leads you to accelerate in your Life. When you are working towards accomplishing your desires with the force of your passion, you will acquire the energy to go for it by overcoming every hassle.

This energy of yours is a part of the universe which keeps on transforming in the form of your activities. Every activity of yours is important. Even the slightest amount of activity you are doing will have its significance in the functioning of the Universe. You have the Power to control the Universe. When you channelize all your actions in unidirectional way, you accelerate your Life in IU(Infinite Universe) dimensions.
For every choice you have made in life, have you ever wondered what if you have chosen the other option, what would life have been like, where you would've been today, what you would have become etc? As I mentioned earlier, the Butterfly effect would have occurred. (Butterfly effect: Changing one very tiny little thing in the flow of your Life will change a multitude of things with time). Whatever decision you have made has played a role in the functioning of the Universe. You are important, and every deed of yours as well.

Drop by drop makes the ocean, but without every drop, there would be no ocean!

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Anil Kumar KN
Anil Kumar KN is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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