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A New Year's Intimate Song

This is a prose that belongs to a bigger prose. I thought I had writer's block when I sat down to write a poem, because when I'm asked to write something, it just doesn't come. But I relaxed and wrote what was simply on my mind, and these beautiful words came to me. And I wrote them down as quickly as I could, and described my most deep intimate thoughts as best I could, to create this beautiful piece of work. How am I so bold as to say it is beautiful? Because I wrote it with all my heart, and I can read it again and again, and never tire of it, as a new meaning seeps from it, each time I do.
a new years intimate song,resolution
The New Year
Is it a gold or is it a brown?
Is it a hello or a goodbye?
Is it a build up or a building of down?
Is it a Sunday or a Monday?

Bing Bang Boom!
New Year's Resolutions
Are released
A child like quality
Not to be missed
Guarded by nature's song
Like a lifespan of a butterfly
That went all wrong

Inner beauty
Keeps me strong
My petals fly
As the butterfly blooms
Intelligent rhyme
Intimate song
Chime of a gong
My beautiful day
I recycle you
Again and again
Every intimate detail
Round and round
And kind
So real I can hold you
Like the air
I can feel

Each day of the year
Rolls into one
Each moment of each second,
Hour of a day
Felt differently to a child
Elongated at play,
Sensitivity to time,
It shows
Like the time of a Butterfly
Glows with each passing chime

Like a womb of a child
Who makes the most of it
The world
I can only imagine
The sound
As it goes round and round
The word of love
The word of laughter
Of hunger
Of bite
As I write
With belief and truth
Held in me
And in light of my sight!

A gift that gives
A new year
Possessing clarity
Every day
Is it
A vision of me
or is it
Of what I want to be..?
In the future, past, now,
I am me..
And I can only be me.

Mary Poppins
wore many different
Funny is honey
That runs
Cunning is running
With woe
A New year
And a new hope
Has a clear blue sky
This future of mine
Even at night
The sky is alight
With abundant stars,
Applaud them all
And a shiny silver moon
That protects my fall
Even when it rains
Color fills the sky
And when it snows
Snowflakes rise
Like my dreams flying high

A different smell, a different
Perfume lit
Like an intimate bell
Eternally bound
Don't plan for each day
Too much
Live it like you would like it to last

Each day is like a new year,
my dear
Each year, why is it, how is it the time,
not looking back or forward but
feeling the now
the dream
is one lived each day
with each step
I rest
My eyes play
And awake
With a new idea
advancing the past
Why is it so BAD?
I ask.

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Maria Grujicic
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