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Change... For A Change!

A brand new year with new hopes & wishes, A lot of new resolutions & many more challenges. Either we win over them or let them win over us. Be it the best of our life or a test of our life, life is all about facing each and every situation we are put into with a positive attitude.

That's what is going to make our story history. Any consistent action not yielding complete results is ultimately the result of consistency only. In consistency lies our mistake, consistently repeating the same task and hoping for a different outcome each time is mere foolishness.

Mistakes must be invented not discovered. We must be flexible- flexible enough to be altered, which will ultimately bring about a transformation. As people always say "Change is the law of nature", so the law of nature also changes accordingly.
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This New Year is not a mere change in a number, but if we decide and believe it can, and will have the absolute power to be the future of our present. Let this year be the best one we have ever lived but not the best one we can ever live. From now on, everything can change. Everything can, only if we are ready to change in a positive way. But how do we know which is the right direction and which is not?

The answer is very simple. To discover that you got to stand up, open your eyes, stretch yourself and start walking. When your vision is clear, any direction you take ultimately leads you to the right place. All one has to do is just wake up and start.

The changes that occur in the journey are truly amazing. From a state where past, present and future were just tenses to something more than tenses in fact a tension to many of them. Be it the past, present or future, things just change, they change as much as we do and we change as much as things around us. Accept all the changing challenges in your path. They impart life into it.

Life is colorful. And as all the colors are not just the same, the changes in us alter us as well. It is all in the way we look at them.

A spider may just be a tiny but scary creature to a kid, a thing to be swept away to a maid dusting the corners, an interesting creature to a zoologist, and a source of inspiration to an artist. Don't try to be an inspiration to a kid and something to be wiped off to an artist. It's all in the way people look at you.
Be what you are and the rest shall be understood in the way it has to be. To become what you want to be, there is a huge necessity to change.

Let this year be the change (for a change!) in every hour of everyone's life. Wishing you all a promising year ahead!

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Beena Chowdary
Beena Chowdary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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