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Dignity, A Gift If Not A Given

This time around, I'd like to focus on a Project that I'm currently involved in. It's called Bakongo and it's a summer camp specially created for kids living in vulnerable areas. In the first edition, I talked about the commitment of the Millennial with our planet and the awareness of our history, the current issues and how collaboration is the key to achieve sustainable solutions to the problems we face today.

As it turns out, Millennial are also aware that there are generations after us who will inherit our planet and, we are also committed to give them a good place to live in, a place where they can build greater things keeping our earth healthy. To do so, they need to develop all of their abilities and skills, but they also need one fundamental thing - maintain dignity and, that's something that children are denied in a lot of places in the world, including my country; Colombia.
dignity a gift if not a given,entrepreneur
That's why the Colombian Network of Youth (RECOJO) created this magical place where, once a year, young volunteers embark on a mission to give these children the most amazing week of their lives, a place where they can dream again and learn that dreams do come true, a place where together we work on strengthen our core values, a place where they not only regain their dignity but also regain their desire to defend it.

Bakongo, the summer camp, is just where the process starts.

It's part of the Network's modus operandi to create high quality social experiences that transform lives, but the process continues by accompanying the kids in their journey to cultivate their values and live a life with dignity.

For me, it was amazing to be able to go Bakongo this year. It opened my eyes, it showed me how to attack the problem. When I found out that these kids are full of potential, I asked myself why they were not using half of it. As I grew closer to them and they began to let me into their lives I discovered that the real problem was that these children are stripped from their dreams and their dignity because of the conditions they live in, but it doesn't have to be like that at all and they learnt that in Ba-kongo- they and all the volunteers did.

Now, as you can infer from the previous words, dignity is something we have to make sure that every children and future genera-tions can enjoy. Through our projects we can help children live a life with dignity whereas it's by providing a clean environment, encouraging them to develop their abilities through art, providing free and top quality education, defending our freedom of speech and so on; every project from One Young World's Ambassadors can help make the difference.
Every single social entrepreneur has the pow-er to do good by making sure their impacts dignify their focus groups. So, my invitation is to have to dignity present as a fundamental right in all that we do so while we change the world, we improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those that will inherit our planet.

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Carlos Jaramillo
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