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Living The Antedating

Walking the lonely roads, tracing the silent terrace, rolling in the silent outskirts of the city, waving through the shores of the lake in the breeze carrying the feel of silence, when we are with ourselves, when silence prevails regardless the reality, thoughts of the past, present and future surround us, mixed emotions enamor us.

We wonder if the present we are living in is perfect, if it could have been better than what it is, if the mistakes in the past could have eliminated. We wish that our past actions could have been more mature, wish we could have used the opportunity missed by a whisker, regard the relations broken in the past as unnecessary, and think people with whom we got closely connected was necessary.
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Are we satisfied with the present, are we happy or are we simply amazing actors, are we compromising shouting that we do not like to compromise, are we real, can we walk past the past and better our present?

Those minutes when we freeze with ourselves, we are real. The above flow of thoughts arise in our hearts when we face failures, when we stand at the position zero, when we fall from heights to the ground, when challenges stand strong and negativity engulfs us, when confidence stands sick and fear builds up, when darkness spreads into our minds even when eyes are wide open, when the vision is blur ,when we feel bonded even in free space.

Is it this fear of failure that makes us curse our past? Let's question ourselves. I am sure the answer is yes. Every winner loves his past and loser blames the same. We fail to understand the value of the past in our present, as we get busy blaming it than learning from it. Our past is a book of reference on which we can build a better present, even if we are in a deepest well due to our past, we should always know that our past has trained us enough to touch the highest peaks. Past is learning, present is action, future is achievement of dreams.

It is a known fact that nature is Just, every living being on Earth is equal for Nature. Every living creature faces a task that it can handle. If we settle in a Blame game, Life itself becomes a Big blame. History is proof that behind every grave failure hides humongous success. Be it the creative genius Steve Jobs, or the speaking magician Oprah Winfrey, they have created history because of their reaction to failures in their life. The above mentioned names never completed their formal education but were invited to inspire the outgoing Stanford minds.
The Mirror image of Life is Challenges. Let's shape our minds to face them. Past has to be the learning to implement in the present to beautify the future.

Past is uncontrollable, future is unknown, present is in our hands, let's make it a memorable history.

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Nikhil Hulamani
Nikhil Hulamani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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