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Of Being A Change Maker & Maker Of Those

Many people ask me why I have created REPUBLICA, the first and only socio-political party in my university. They ask me questions like "why create another one when we have two other functioning political parties in the university" or "why did you create REPUBLICA when you had a very high position in your former political party?"

I tell them only one thing: "I created this party for you and for the other students in the present or future inside and outside the university."

People tried to ask me "why create another one when we have two other functioning political parties in the university?". I tell them that it is not about the number of the political parties in a given place but how much political parties contribute to a given community. You can have one or even a hundred political parties acting but the real test is how much contribution they can give and how capable their leaders are in inflicting change to its society.
More often than not and one sad reality is political parties join elections for power and control over people. Many political parties now think of politics as an instrument to get and store power for their use. They have forgotten the true meaning of politics; politics is something that could change things for the better, for the perfect happiness, for the common good. So whether or not you have one or a hundred political parties, without the true essence of a political party, having party politics is non-sense.

REPUBLICA is designed to be a true political party, better yet a socio-political party. One that promotes excellence, one that could influence a lot to do well, and one that could change the community for the better even in the midst of many political parties.

The second most common question was "why did you create REPUBLICA when you had a very high position in your formal political party?" I proudly answer this by saying creating it was not about myself or was not for my benefit. If I wanted a higher position I should have just stayed in my former party. I wanted something bigger, to help bring forth change in my society.

I believed that there should be change in the system of politics in the university; and actually in the Philippines also. Doing it in my former party could not guarantee me that the change I wanted to spread was to be done, and was to be done till eternity. The only way to safeguard its survival and longevity is by creating a party; an institution that is founded on those principles of change which I want to promote.

REPUBLICA was created to be a change-maker and a change-maker maker; and I hope in fifty or even a hundred years it could still be such. Though there were many obstacles in the way, the thought of doing good for the community drove me to create such an idealistic and ambitious entity, an entity that I hope would survive till many years to come and I hope could spread to the far reaches of the world. One might say I am so ambitious in saying I would change the World by creating only a university political party. No, I do not plan the party to be static and confined in my university. REPUBLICA will spread and would be a worldwide phenomenon.
REPUBLICA is for the common good, it is for everyone. I am most certain that any of you readers are interested in knowing more about REPUBLICA and its principles and ideologies. Help me spread it to the world, to your universities, to your colleges, to your communities. We shall create a better world, one REPUBLICA at a time. Let us spread the family and the REPUBLICA story, the story of being a change-maker and change-makers maker.

Some readers might say this article is only about REPUBLICA and getting more schools to embrace its ideologies. I believe otherwise. I created this article to tell you that each and every one can be the one person that could change the world. I did what I know I need to do to start the process of creating change in my society and I bet you can too. Whether or not you adopt the REPUBLICA system, you can bring the change you want for the society, you can be the person who can make your community better, you can be the spark that could bring forth the progress of your society politically, economically, socially, and in other aspects.

Seize the day. You are still young. You can do everything you can just to make everything better. You can be the change-maker the world needs now.

One last thing I want to share to you all is my motto: Feel Great to be Great! How can you be great if you don't feel great or see yourself being great? Aim high! No one is stopping you! You can be the greatest leader, or the greatest scientist, or the greatest politician. Just remember to feel great to be great.

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Xavier Peredo
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