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A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


(Written for a friend during the Campus placements season)

When things went against your will,
When pressure increased bit by bit;
And all your smiles got lost,
You didn't quit!

So strong was your foundation,
That failures couldn't move it;
Easily said to others
"Failures are not the dead ends"
But it was you who actually followed it.
You kept this feeling alive,
That there's nothing that can't be won;
With spirits high and mind dedicated,
Saying to yourself "Yes, it can be done".

With strong will power and sustained efforts,
You dared to try, you dared to face failure;
God was seeing all this and bestowed upon you,
The inner strength to act so mature.

The uncertainties of the present,
help to make the future bright;
And to our extreme happiness and delight,
You proved it so right..

O dear, finally you got through it,
U have made all of us really proud;
Cloud nine is where we all are now,
And we feel like shouting "Yippeee" aloud!

Gone are the days of emptiness and silence,
When you were kind of virtual;
Now you are back with shoulders high,
After all, you have proved your mettle.

Different from the crowd, u did something
And showed the world your potential and caliber;
Now you know your weaknesses better,
And as a person, have become a better learner.

Finally, your voice & smile have found their way,
An inexplicable spark can be seen in your eyes;
The pillar of courage and self confidence,
To you, it best applies..

May you get all the happiness in life,
And a satisfying position to hold;
And remember, within our hearts,
Remains for you, a lot of love untold.

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Shikha Agarwal
Shikha Agarwal is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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