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Keep Your Dreams Alive

Life always posts challenges that keep changing our paths. Sometimes we almost feel that we are moving astray from the path to our goals. More than the feeling, we would be actually moving away from our goals. With different situations arise different needs. To fulfill these needs we need to rather we are forced to perform actions that may be completely unrelated compared to what we wanted to work on in order to fulfill our dreams. I had written in one of my previous blogs that we have to work to fulfill our basic necessities and until these are fulfilled we have no option other than to work that fulfills these.
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In this process of struggling to make sure that we are able to sustain a decent living many of our dreams just get covered with thoughts of struggle and probably by the time we even recollect as to what our dreams of the past were, years would have passed by. All that remains is a regret of having lost the time and the energy. Not just the feeling of loss but also the philosophy of not being able to achieve all that one imagines creeps into one's experience which shall be passed on to future generations. So in order to prevent further damage let's look at some techniques that can help us out to get away from losing all our dreams. The simple technique is to keep your dreams alive. Make sure you make a point to re-visit your dreams as often as possible. As I mentioned in one of the recent blogs that just a thought can move things forward the mere reminding yourself of your dreams can take you in the path towards them.
Just don't lose hope on your dreams at any point. Dreams also have life in them. They contain the future of yours in them. So when you don't remember them, you are just pushing them away from you and your life. As we forget those people with whom we would have lost contact likewise we forget the dreams which we don't keep alive with us. So make sure that you don't kill your dreams by forgetting them but keep them alive.

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