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Let Go

Let go of anger,
because it will always put you in danger
Let go of your cribbing nature,
because it will do you no good now and in the future
Let go of your ego,
because it is always difficult to see the people you love go
Let go all the hurt and pain,
otherwise it will always remain in your heart has a stain
Let go of bitterness,
because to lead a beautiful life you only require tenderness
let go,ego
Let go of all the lies,
because the success it assures will never let you fly high
Let go of all the confusion,
it will never help you to achieve your ambition
Let go of the wickedness
and build relations of genuineness
Let go of all the greed,
because a selfish heart finds no peace
Let go of ME,
for there is always strength in the WE
Let go of unfaithfulness,
for only the faithful in heart will touch the heart of the lord.
Let go of all the evil,
it's the best way to stay happy now and ever..

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Sonal Lobo
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