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Yes I am fine..

I was dead for a while,
But now i am fine,
I lived many moments in that second,
that instance is a "lime",
I clutched solemn in "residence"
But yes.. I am fine..
yes i am fine,engoy life
I paltered ,
I added up,
But that was seldom at times,
I gazed at raw ways
to unturn their life-sight,
I allowed for propriety
and yes...I am fine...

I acted under delirium,
to surge this life above humdrum,
not costing me very high,
but landed me under risks at times,
But yet "fun" is at its height,
yes...I am enjoying my life...

I walked tip-toe with sparkling stars,
But waved it in the next sight,
I dated with "chandni nights"
to capture some moments of divine,
I walked through "BLUE" hies,
But yes..I am fine...!!

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Nikita Aggarwal
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