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A Call Within Me

Everyone has their own inner calling. But to act on that inner calling takes courage, a positive mindset and a mentor! Self belief is strength. Route to the destination is designed (by the mentor of course). We need to be prepared to give what it takes to get what we want and start walking towards the goal no mattee what. The first step is to identify the right path to achieve our goal, the second is to tread on the path with full conviction and face what lies ahead, be it swamps, or deserts or jungles, till we reach our home. Tougher the journey, better is the reward.
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Accepting one's mistakes and correcting them until we stop committing them would be good practice. Hard work will definitely bear fruit, but we need to wait with patience till we get it. Fruits don't grow the moment a sapling is planted, we must wait for a while!

We have one life, let's accept it with a smile and start walking towards the goal we've set for ourselves. "Aim higher, Work harder, Achieve bigger", and if you know your inner calling, get your package of courage, a positive mindset and a mentor, and get going! You'll fulfill your destiny sooner than you think.

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Kavya E
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