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Good Citizen

A citizen needs to realize that he has some duties and responsibilities to bear and at same time, that he can enjoy some rights and privileges as a citizen of a free state. While he has every right to participate in the judicial, legal, political, religious and social affairs of the nation, he has also some responsibilities i.e. not to hurt the sentiments of others and to protect public property as his own, To stand by the state, under all conditions, is the first and foremost duty.
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A good citizen must be ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his motherland. He is also required to be a patriot and nationalist. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his motherland. He has to obey law and order, he has to also keep in mind the betterment of the country and the interest of the nation.

A good citizen must respect the cultural heritage of his country, i.e. he will have to respect the heroes of his country. He must always keep in mind the future of his country. He must attempt to raise the standard of living of his country by working honestly.

In an event of aggression or foreign attack, he must be ready to shed blood for the sake of his motherland. Thus, defense of the country is the supreme duty of a good citizen. Unity of nations should be his topmost priority. He should work for the unity of nations.

A good citizen should have a spirit of cooperation, friendliness, humanity, dedication, devotion towards his fellow citizens. He must respect other faiths. He must not do anything that brings disgrace to his society or to his country. All these good and great qualities, if possessed, make one a good citizen.
All in all, idealism won't get us anywhere- Be nicer to your neighbor from today, stop littering your city ( if you still do), make the place where you live beautiful, take your first step to be a better citizen today! Progress after all, is progress, even if it is a few steps ahead from yesterday.

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