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Life is Beautiful

Many writers and poets have written on Life but they all would have wondered why they didn't see life in the way it has been exceptionally put in the movie Life is Beautiful

Life is a tale
Told by an angel
Full of love and warmth
Signifying heaven itself

The film proves that imagination born out of love makes even hell, heaven. Do you feel life is unfair, brutal and cruel with you? Then this is the movie just for you. Imagine how would you react if you were told that you will be burnt in the next few seconds- being an ordinary person you would have started crying, shouting at GOD for being merciless with you, in rare cases you would have taken time to remember your loved ones. All of this is ordinary but if you want an extra ordinary life then you must be extra ordinary by enjoying life's each moment and making the best out of every second.
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Guido the main character in the movie Life is Beautiful showcases the role of a common man who manages to keep the innocence and faith of his son Joshua from the harsh reality of the Nazi camp. Even after being caught in the Nazi camp Guido does not stop enjoying his life, he tells his son that they are in a game and if he plays it as per the rules that he dins in to him, he is finally going to win the tank. I was shocked to see the how a person can smile and make others smile and laugh when death is just a step away.

Why only this movie, think of that day when you didn't talk to your friend properly, assuming you'd anyway talk to him/her later during the day; and it turned out that 'later' never came.
Life is short, let us pull the best of the best out of it. Let the strongest thunderstorm move into our lives and let it be noticed is that we are still living. No life is made during the calm, it's only during the storm that stories happen! Life does not stop when we die, it stops when we stop living, when we give up, when we break down, when we stop dreaming, and when we stop caring. Why, to dream and to care are just words to read, but if you think about that one dream you'd give anything for, and those few relations you genuinely care for, then you're still alive. And that makes all the difference!

Live Life, love life :) Keep Smiling :) Keep Walking :)

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