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music,blissful feeling
Music is not just a word, it's magic!

The word itself has magic in it, it makes one's heart enrich with blissful feeling.

Nature has music in it, in fact man has derived man has derived music from nature. The breeze of air, the thundering of sky, the waves crashing at the shore, the hum of the birds all form the heart of nature's music.

Music makes people sing and dance. It makes many hearts come together. Man can convey his feelings to the world through music. It starts with sa re ga ma..but has no end. It has different shades in different countries, people enjoy it in different ways.

Music is food for the soul. Music is the lovely hum only two people can hear in a train, it is the jingle of bells that one hears in a temple, music is the sound of raindrops falling on the rooftop for the friends partying in rain, music is just heartbeats, to those who look for a rhythm within.

Let the music of our heart gain rapport and let our heart play the music of victory JAI HO (Of Slumdog Millionaire fame) !!

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Lokesha M
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