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The Sweet and Sour of Decision Making

What do I have for breakfast, Chocos or Cornflakes? And morning drink, Coffee or tea? What time to leave home, 8.30 am or 9am? How many hours to spend in the library, 2 or 3 hours? Which top to wear today, the green one or black one? Does the grey bag match best or the brown one? Am I accessorized enough, or is it a little overdone?
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Now the complex questions: What subject do I use for higher studies? What is the ideal career for me? Do I follow my heart or just go with the crowd?

One person inside us will prompt us to choose the right thing, while the other one goes opposite to this. Smeagol and Gollum of the Lord of the Rings, yes.

Now comes the question of which option to go with. Here's a simple solution, first try to go with one option of the two in you, as you are with this one, this idea tries to dominate the thoughts of the other and you only get thoughts from this one. At this point of time you are with the company of only one and you completely depend on thoughts and ideas given by this one.

As you go, you feel or tend to know whether you like or dislike, if it is making you happy or not and you'll also come to know whether the option you chose is taking you towards a progressive path or not.
Bottomline, make a decision, and act on it. Soon. You will eventually realize whether your decision was right or not, and there is always enough time in life to correct a decision if it went wrong!

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Lokesha M
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