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Today creates tomorrow

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There was a young new recruitee in an office who was as restless as endless running water, who while speaking about the purpose of her life, her plans for the future, goals and so on. She appeared to be as clear as crystal about the way she wanted to use her time and potential. After a short while, she was speaking only about the latest films she hadn't watched, the restaurants she hadn't visited in a longtime and the malls she had missed visiting.

All this is not about what is right or what is wrong, but about what changes have taken place in this short span of time. The company of friends she kept before and the friends she met after a little while made all the difference. The company of people one keeps is a double-edged sword; it has both the power to make or mar a person. The company of people one surrounds oneself with has a tremendous bearing on the way of one's thinking, feeling, the way of looking at others and also self, one's present and the future he or she will create. Yes, there are people who have emerged inspite of their surroundings and they serve as an example for the saying "Every rule has an exception, but the majority of human minds are shaped by their environment."
Individuals today is not simply shaped by yesterdays but, their today in many ways is shaped by the people with whom they spent their yesterday.

Their tomorrow will be shaped by the people they give their today to.

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Shobhini V
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