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Bound by Chemistry, Unbound by Life!

What does the author's enthusiasm in Chemical Kinetics as a student matter for the world out there? What if you, the dear reader is someone who never studied Chemistry as a student? Well, Chemistry or not, life goes on.. And so does this article - bound by chemistry, unbound by life!
As a girl who loved chemistry in school, I was very excited to learn chemical kinetics, for the following reasons:

1. I learnt that the slowest step in a chemical reaction determines the rate of the reaction:

The slowest person in the team (in terms of growth) decides the pace of growth for the team. (Letting the weakest person go won't solve your problem, unless there is that huge gap between one and the rest).

I've been lucky to work with a place and with those few people who strongly believe in strenghtening the slowest (or the weakest), and it makes a huge difference.
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2. And, once a system is in chemical equilibrium, all the fun is over. It's only when the reaction is happening, and the concentration of the products is not equal to the concentration of the reactants is there an expectation, when the system is NOT in equilibrium:

Are you leading a very comfortably happy life, where you have everything you want?

Time to take a step ahead! Make your dream bigger, get a bigger car, read the next level book (or write one if you've read it all!), perform for a bigger audience, contribute more to the society, make more friends, learn new things, increase your work (or increase the number of vacations you take, you know what you want best!), get back that inequilibrium in life!

DO anything, to take you a little out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the ride. You have one life to live, so keep that zing till the very last moment!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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