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Maximizing Opportunities

The favorable time for doing something is the definition provided in the Concise Oxford Dictionary for the word opportunity. Kenneth A. King describes opportunities as divinely orchestrated schemes for the advancement of men. They are chances created by the Creator for humanity to change their story. Thus, each time you utilize an opportunity well, you will never return to your previous state in life.

A positive opportunity is one program God Almighty uses to effect change in His people. It is nature's tool for change. Hence opportunities are presented to each of us to recognize them, to change our stories. Obviously then, to fail to recognize and utilize any opportunity that comes your way is to refuse change to a better state in life.

Opportunities come in various forms. I strongly believe we fail to recognize opportunities because of the nature by which they present themselves. The come disguised. This very statement is worth keeping throughout one's life time. Opportunities don't come gift-wrapped, looking inviting and appealing as treasures, or else every human being will be on a common pedestal in life. Instead, opportunities come sometimes looking dreadful, and apparently worth overlooking.
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Thomas Edison saw rightly opportunities as scary work clothes, saying "The reason many people miss opportunities is because often, they come wearing overall and they look like work. Hence it takes a man of insight to grasp an opportunity".

We should be able to see every defeat we are confronted with, every adversity or negative situation as real opportunities to change our lives. We should see every termination and excommunication as a way forward in disguise. Again, we ought not to consider an opportunity to help a fellow as a burden but a seed of kindness sown to be reaped in God's perfect time. Do you see a challenge in front of you as trouble? The truth is, each time you analyze the strength and size of your trouble, you make is double.

Even when you are certain there is no opportunity lurking around, prepare yourself for one. Henry Hartman rightly said; Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity. Preparation is indispensable to incoming opportunities.

There are numerous examples that prove the disguised nature of opportunities.

A story is told of a young man who was in serious pursuit for opportunity for greatness. Luckily enough, he found one without knowing. As he walked home in a gloomy night along a river bank, he suddenly stumbled on a pebble-like object contained in a rickety looking sack. He picked it up and began to enjoy the chemistry of the sound of the substance against the river. By the time he arrived at home, he was only left with a piece. And he decided to look in up in the light only to discover that in his hand was a raw diamond.

This young man was oblivion of the form his opportunity presented itself. This is the same way most of us stumble on raw opportunities without notice of their merit.

"What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity". J. Sidlow Baxter.

The holy bible gives track records of a number of people who recognized and utilized one opportunity and the other, thus having their stories appearing in the bible. Abraham saw an opportunity in accompanying strangers in his house and eventually, his wife received a glorious prophesy. "Remember to welcome strangers in your homes. There were some who did that and welcomed angels without knowing it". (Hebrews 13:2. GNB) David saw Goliath as an opportunity for advancement whilst the soldiers of Israel came each day analyzing the strength of their popular foe. Joseph saw the need in making useful his God-given gift in an uncomfortable prison environment. How many humans will see the prison premise as an opportune place to display their talents? Joseph ruled in prison. Nehemiah, Daniel and a lot more of the bible characters recognized and maximized their opportunities. Opportunities fly away if we are not fast enough to cage and engage them. Therefore, to maximize opportunities in our lives, we must take advantage of whatever we have at the moment. Even the families we find ourselves in whether rich or not, provide us with the opportunity to do something worthwhile in life. Opportunities can be created, be the creator.

People who are hospitable, charitable, munificent and kind sow seeds which will certainly be reaped either directly or indirectly when they least expect. "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men..." (Galatians 6:10. KJV) The harvest is always as sure as there is day.

Every person has talents and gifts within. "It is the undeveloped resource in your mind, our spirits, in the inward man that counts. Let's go down with a flashlight within ourselves, and look for the untouched treasures that have never been touched. Then let us bring the thing up that we find and make it worthwhile" E. W. Kenyon. Your gifts and talents are for service and also present in you to change your story for the better, always.

Remember, not all opportunities are positive. Be quick to discern the right ones. Take advantage of every moment -in your life, home, family, this website, your school, work place, and your world. Be mentally awake and diligent. Put your very best in every day and in everything you do. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming. Selah. Don't fail to recognize an opportunity due to its disguised nature. Look up for opportunities everywhere. An opportunity is close to you now in disguise, TAKE IT! And when you look around and see none, remember it's time to create one. God bless.

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