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The Hundredth Strike!

As I drive the mid-week ever-so-slight drop in focus to bay (which has hit me a day early, it is still Tuesday in India today), I thought it might strike those around on the same page as me to continue giving heat even if the ice is not melting (it is melting, you're being fooled!)
Today is the Wednesday of my week. (The actual day of the week is Tuesday, the 28th of Jan, here in India).

Wednesdays are noted to be the day when most people start awaiting the weekend (which is only two days away) and hence start to lose focus ever so slightly on their work. Oh I know all of you will still meet the deadlines given to you, not that you -or me- get a choice, for that matter. But just how enthusiastically we'd go about doing our work is what matters.

Having contributed an article a day (or so), I begin to wonder how on earth I'm going to come up with an article every single day, and ensure that each of them is approved by the prestiged editorial team and is published!

So this article is just about that. About just continuing my work, one article at a time, without any thought about how many I've already written, or how many I'm yet to complete.
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Why this topic itself is an article, is I'm sure there are many of you are on the same page as me: stuck at some point in your code, unable to decide how to handle an employee (you think you've tried all ways and hence stuck!), wondering how much more you should study to score that centum in your subject, so on and so forth.

So finish your report that needs to be submitted today in the best way you can, prepare for that first speech you're going to give, put in those few extra hours to study today, take a break and look at your code again, do what it takes but get the best out of today! Because you can get back anything but not the time that's ticking by!

And as a person who practices what I preach, I'll go and give the next few articles my best ( and of course you'll know how good they turn out, because I'm going to ensure they're publish worthy :D)

It is indeed not the hundredth strike that cuts the tree, but all the 99 that went before the last one. So go get your 100th strike TODAY!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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