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The rare question, in a world filled with answers

Everyone around us is trying to help us by giving us all the answers we need. But sometimes, what we need are not those answers, all we need is to be asked the right questions that will set us back on track. Well, for starters, that's precisely what this article has: Questions that'll boggle your mind, will surprise you, that will re-energize you better than the green tea that you drink every day or the power yoga that you do to keep yourself in the best shape possible!

When you're done answering the questions below, well, I don't want to tell you how you will feel just yet! Who explains how you will feel when you take a dive? That's for you to find out!!

(Hint: It will thrill you, take you down your memory lane, remind you of your best self, show you that secret of yours that kept making you achieve more, and more! *wink* )

1. When was the last time you surprised someone with a gift? What was their reaction?

2. When was the last time you over-performed at work? How did you feel about it?

3. At what time of the day do you generally get those million-dollar-ideas of yours?

4. Do you have a ritual that you follow? Who all know about it?

5. Do you believe that people can bring good/bad luck into your life?
rare questions and answers
6. When was the last time you beat your friend/spouse at a physical sport? (You feel like getting out and playing in the next free slot of yours, no?)

7. When were you at your healthiest best? (Past/near past/present) What were your habits then?

8. Have you ever stolen anything in your life? (something? Or better yet, someone's heart?! )

9. What is the best gift you've received in your life? And from whom?

10. Who is that one role model of yours, of an older era, who you wish you could've met?

11. What is your destiny? (What is your purpose of life?)

12. In what small ways can you move closer to your dream, starting today from where you are? 13. What one thing can you change/add to your diet to make you healthier?

14. What one habit of yours if given up can make you an immensely better person?

15. What one new habit when cultivated can help you reach where you wish to be?

16. What's your favourite vacation spot/s? Do you take regular vacations?

17. Do you have a wish list with the list of things you want to achieve each year?

18. What is the best family moment you've had? When was it?

19. What quality in you is something that everyone around admires you for?

20. What, as per you, is a perfect you? And what can help you get there?

Happy? I only asked you the questions. You gave the answer yourself, so no thanks to me, all credit to you! Get going, because only you know how far it takes to reach there!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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