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What is your wallpaper today?

A few months ago, after I had returned from Germany, my wallpaper was that of an island with footprints on the sand. The reason I mention the return from Germany part is, that project was over, so I thought I would be in India for quite sometime.

Anyway, the wallpaper. My wallpaper - it looked nice enough, and each time I saw it, I would wonder which island it was (it was one of the default wallpapers on my then newly bought phone). The wallpaper never failed to capture my interest. Whenever I happened to look at it, I would see myself on the island, as in just see. I would imagine that the footprints on the sand were mine, and so on... but this was about it, nothing more.

One day, when I was in a dreamy mood, and chanced to look upon my wallpaper, I don't exactly know how it happened, but that day, I wasn't "imagining" or "seeing" myself there. Instead, I was there. I went into that wallpaper so deeply, that I didn't realize I was seeing a wallpaper- for the next few minutes, I was running about on the sand, those footprints were mine, and I could hear the waves of the sea crashing, and feel the sand under my feet, and also the wetness of my feet as I had just played in the sea. I can't precisely say for how long I was gone - from reality that is - but the slightest noise the door made when my brother opened it brought me back from my reverie.
 Wallpaper - Law of Attraction
I was delighted to realize that I had "experienced" something that I wished for, instead of simply visualizing it! Why the delight, you might ask me!

Why, indeed!!

Just as many of my friends DON'T believe in the Law of Attraction, here's the thing: I DO. :D

And one thing about LOA is some people are subconsciously doing what they need to do to achieve success and happiness, so it absolutely does not matter if they agree or disagree with the LOA. Because they're already "using" it without "knowing" it.

And well, for the others, what's there to lose in trying to be more successful and happy? Nothing, I suppose!

But ahh, I digress. So I believe in the LOA, and just a few days ago, I was reading an article about where people go wrong with the Law of Attraction, and it saoid "People take the 'Visualization step of their dream' too literally".

It's not their fault! Visualizing won't get you anywhere, until you can feel it. Visualization only involves the eyes, the remaining four senses aren't involved when somebody asks you to 'visualize' something. "Experiencing", on the other hand, involves ALL the senses... For example, the feel of the sand and wind, the taste of the saline water, the sound of the crashing waves, the sight of the footprints, the smell of the sea.. Aaaaand a month later, I was in Malaysia, and the very first weekend we went to Pangkor islands, and it was an exact match to my wallpaper.. Exaggerating, NOT! And no I am not priding about the fact that I could attract something so quickly! ( I know people better than me at it. Why, you, the discerning reader could well be one of them!)

Why am I dissecting one case and making a big deal out of it? Selection bias, you might argue. Of all the million "experiences" I might have had, this might be the only one that came true.. Well, here's the thing: selection bias is actually from my side, about which one of the myriad experience I've had, to be shared. :D If you and I are not on the same side of the river, I suggest you cross over to this side, even if it is for a peek of the view.

What's around you will significantly decide where you will be tomorrow (and no I don't just mean in the physical realm), which brings me the question I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time now: What's your wallpaper today? *grin*

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