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What to expect: Don't expect!

"Cast your bread into the water; It will find you in your time of need." This is what Jesus said, and it is true.

We have a similar theory called the Karmic theory in Hinduism.

"Do good to others, good will happen to you."

"Treat others how you want to be treated."

These are adages which bind you to the "expectation" that good MUST and SHOULD happen to you just because you did some good.

I have seen a lot of people say that bad things happen to good people, that good no longer reigns in today's world.


"Do good to others".. Let's stop right there for a second. Forget the "Others will do good to you" bit.
dont expect,do good
Let me ask you a question:

If there is no guarantee that good will happen to you even after you did good to others, would you stop doing good altogether?

No. You wouldn't, and you shouldn't.

Stop "expecting" good to happen all the time. This actually is intended to translate to stop whining when something bad happens to you.

The Karmic theory is true, I don't doubt it. But your life will be much more bigger and more beautiful if you remembered that doing good is your part, nothing else is really your job to do.

Never step back when someone expects a step forward for the good, never keep silence if your heart demands you to voice out your thoughts, never strike out a word just because you think the "world" is not upto it. Never back out if you've given your word, and never begin if you don't intend to stay till the end. Most importantly, do your bit of good and never look back, for what must be, will be.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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