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You Will Never See Me Fall

Though I look feeble
Light as feather
With no thick skin as tough as leather
See not my lines as yet another poetic fable
You'll n'ver see me fall

Though I embrace illusion
Regardless of every fear of confusion
Losing the wonderful sight of my vision
Unable to regain the pace to achieve my life's mission
You'll n'ver see me fall

Though menacing whispers hunt my being
Inquiring their fate to seek my fall
Though you mock my attempts
And scorn my courage
You'll n'ver see me fall

Though I waver
Like a victim of cold, shiver
Though you attack me with poisonous words out from your quiver
I will not hit the ground, never
You'll n'ver see me fall

You'll n'ver see me fall
For I feel my courage;
The immortal one
As my hope gleam in triumph
And feel no defeat

You'll n'ver see me fall
For I stand tall as Everest
As I compose the poem of my life
To make my life a special one
My personality, a happy one.

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Ogwo David Emenike
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