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The Fast Growing Social Network of DOERs - ADAD - adad.in

New Gen Entrepreneurs believe in visions that will not just make money but eventually fulfill the needs of growing population to sustain quality culture, create a progressive environment for next generation, build platforms for people to exploit their full potential and inspire others to achieve more and follow the same to create a better world. Akshari analyzes the latest platform started in Bangalore by a promising team of youngsters and shares her review about this platform with IU eMagazine.
Well, if I have to speak about some new concept/product/friend or anything, I generally keep mum, because in my opinion, anything at its novelty can be fable. But when I have to pen down my view about the website - A Deed A Day (ADAD), I would definitely do so even if it's brand new and the fact that someone as lazy and ignorant as me would spare time and write itself should make my point clear. So here I go..
The Fastest Growing Social Network of DOers - ADAD
For a fact, this concept is new and unmatched. Apart from that, every individual who joins in is bound to act in a positive way atleast to make his profile look bright and would intentionally want to do something good each day. What do we get in the bargain? We get a better world inch by inch. So we have nothing to loose. Somewhere in the back of our minds we have the pledge (that's on the site) and knowingly/unknowingly we would tend to abide by it. Finally, before you think I have any ulterior motives, I shall wind it all up by saying - ADAD is really the dad of all social networking.

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Akshari Anchan
Akshari Anchan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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