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Introspect - Do you?

One thing which I mostly don’t miss out normally is talking to myself. There is this saying that was told by Swami Vivekananda - “Talk to yourself once in a day. Otherwise, you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world”. Very true! Who understands us better than our ownselves? The more you introspect the more you start understanding yourself better. It’s always good to have a look back at the way in which we have come through because the past only teaches you the lessons showing your mistakes which you shouldn’t repeat in the coming future. The deeper you know about yourself the more empowered you are!

Ultimate goal of our lives is nothing more than happiness and contentment. Happiness is achieved from growth and growth in all aspects of life. Thus growth equals happiness and vice-versa. According to me, for any person to stay happy in life, he must be self empowered. That’s because life everytime doesn’t take you through the best of the best experiences alone.
Introspect - Do you,self confidence
It also poses in front of you challenging and hard core decision making situations. Then, if one is self-empowered, they can handle situations better and react better. It also gives you the courage to accept the things as they come in a sportive manner. Many a times, it would be hard to accept failures unlike success. But, a self empowered person, tries to understand where he went wrong than repenting over his failure.

One way to stay empowered is by indulging themselves in activities that keep them alive and motivated. Sometimes, your belief motivates you or your success motivates you or your failure triggers you. This is how I motivate myself regularly. All these things I could just put into words when I started introspecting very deeply at the past year 2014. My message through this article is that once you are thoroughly empowered, then during your hard times, just remind yourself that:

“You are a self empowered person and nobody can steal or snatch away your empowerment from you!”

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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