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Friends. All of us have had them. The ones that go behind our backs and the ones that cover our backs. The ones that stab us right through the chest, and the ones who take the stab for us. The ones who hurt us, and the ones who heal us. The ones who make us shed tears, and the ones who bring pearls of laughter. The ones who dissuade us from our dreams, and the ones who say let's conquer this! The false ones, and the true ones. The coals and the gems, the stones and the diamonds. This is no new world I'm talking about, it is the very same we all live in. Friends, the people we love and because of that love sometimes hate; the people we care about and because of that care sometimes hurt, but most of all people for whom we'd just about do anything. Friends. There is no undermining their presence in our lives.

Here's to one true friend, one that has got my back covered, one that takes a stab for me, one that heals me and brings in laughter. A friend that is a gem, a diamond. To a piece of paper, everytime I wish to write. Be it about a beautiful dream or a nightmare, be it about weddings or funerals, be it about how hurt I am or about the vengeance I seek, be it about being angry or about forgiving another time, be it an apology that was long overdue, or be it a letter of closure, be it a curse or a prayer or a song or a lullaby ... Be it about ANY goddamn thing in the whole world (and outside of it), I can write it all.
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Here's what writing did (still does) to me (and what it will do to you), if you ever take out the time to write:

1. You will discover that to have a friend who only listens is a scary proposition, if you are accustomed to only listening to the world around you instead of yourself. It will be a terrible experience, letting yourself be, for you've never done it before, you've never given the voice inside of you a chance. Writing will allow you to be you, and that piece of paper won't judge you. And when you discover that, you'll find that you want to write more!

2. Writing is a form of letting go. If you're a private person, you may not want to share the intensity of your emotions with anyone but the few close ones. However sane each of us are, if there comes a time when you need to channel your anger somewhere-anywhere-there's no better friend than that book which has pages to be written into. Bottling up is harmful, expressing is healing. If you feel anger, that book won't judge you for writing about vengeance. And if you ever forget to tear that piece of paper, you might find yourself in tears when you read it after you're sane.

3. It helps you discover who you are. Nobody without an opinion can write anything. You need to have an opinion, that's the beauty of it, for speaking what is not the truth may be easy for most people, but trust me when I say that writing what is not true is just impossible. (That makes me wonder if that's why people have signed agreements, because it is harder to lie in writing than while speaking?)

4. Last, but not the least, writing is a form of 'Expression'. In this world where everyone is trying hard to make an impression on you, expression is none the more essential, not just for yourself but for the world.
While I know I patronize writing for it is where my heart truly lies, it is not the only form of expression, and I am gracious enough to accept it. Art, music, literature, dance, they all are forms of expression. Science and Religion and Administration, is also a form of expression. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is all yours to choose.

Pick what draws your heart like iron filings to a magnet, and you will see your life turn around. The heart of a King lies in his kingdom, it can be seen in how the kingdom thrives. The heart of a teacher lies in his teaching, it can be seen in how his students grow. The heart of all art lies in expression, it can be seen in how that expression transforms lives.

While you write and sing and rule and dance, you find time just flies... And while you're right in the midst of it all, may you find where your heart truly lies!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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