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Support of Mother

The best person in one’s life would be a woman. A woman is so lucky to have got to play many vital and important roles in her life. She brings joys in the home of sorrows and can make anything happen to keep her family strong and happy. A womanless home is a baseless pillar; it may fall off anytime. Have we ever noticed a woman spending her whole life in making her loved one’s life perfect? As a child she has to live up to her parents’ expectations and after that as a grown-up she has to keep up her family reputation. And, above that, after she gets married she has to keep up her both families’ happiness. With all these she has to also manage herself throughout all the stages of life. Where does she get the strength to do all these things in her life? Wow, she is really a great person!!!
Support of Mother,care,love
She has to look through her each and every step of life as she has the responsibilities of her whole loved ones and has to keep up their happiness. Whatever decision she takes she has to consider each and every person in her life from herself to her friends, families and relatives and most of all, the society.

A woman is the greatest support to her family. She has the power to bring anyone away from darkness and show a brighter path ahead in his/her life. She is no less inspiration one can get. And as a mother she puts all her strength in and supports her child to do bright things in life to see her child happy. She sacrifices so much of herself to make her loved ones happy.

Today, I’m proud to be a woman who has the massive power to turn out to the world and bring in all the strength together and say, I’m no less than anyone else in the world.

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Chandana Mala C L
Chandana Mala C L is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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